Charge to 98% (OR ALERT)

  • I've been hitting the overregeneration warning message almost every day. It just so happens that my workplace is at the top of the hill.

    Would love if I could set somewhere a maximum charge value so I don't hit that issue every single day.

    ALTERNATIVELY, an easier-to-implement yet totally satisfactory solution would simply to be able to change the alert on recharge. Instead of alerting me at 100%, allow me to customize that value (like alert at 95%).

    I'm lucky my board hasn't turned off on me yet!!! :O

  • @SeattleCommuter that would be nice! In the absence of that, you can follow the charging progress via the app, and manually disconnect it when it gets to 98%, or whatever %age you like.

  • I have the same problem. I just don't charge 100%, or if I do, I take an extra spin or two around the block before descending. I live on top of a hill, but not on top of a cone.

  • Before you start riding, turn your OW on, then place the nose on a stair so the wheel is in the air. Step on the sensor and the wheel will start spinning. Do that for 30 seconds and you'll be at 98%.

  • @jeffmccosker great idea!!! 😃👍

  • @shattle frekin hilarious, I did not know I was into geometry humor, laughed my axx off...

  • @jeffmccosker That was funny! 35 mph! Wheelslip detected. Onewheel sounds a lot beefier and mechanical when it's running like that.

  • @jeffmccosker Tried it on my way down Capitol hill today. I let it spin for 1m and the battery was still showing 100%.

    My guess is that just like most electronics, 100% is more of an estimation than anything. And it seems like the range where my battery shows 100% is quite big.

    If I could just get a notification when it's charged at 95% at least I'd have time to go unplug it before it reaches 100%. Been trying to monitor charging but it hasn't been successful for me. That Ultracharger is too fast! Only time I'll ever complain about that, I promise ;)

  • @SeattleCommuter If you're rolling down the hill why do you even charge it? You really ought to unplug at 85 or 90 if you're coming down the Hill. I gain 6%-7% just rolling down Columbian Way from Beacon to MLK. Capitol Hill is easily three times the distance down.

  • @shattle Because it's a slow hill (about 500ft elevation loss over 1 mile), so I still overall lose power going down but it fluctuates up and down a lot. I usually arrive at my destination with about 20% left so not a lot of room to unplug early on. I'm sure you're aware that below ~12% the board would rather have you walk...

    On my ride this morning I got about 10 notifications the board will turn off soon. I knew this wasn't exactly true because I'm getting used to my board now but it definitely makes for a stressful ride :S

    Yes there are remedies, but this is the product wishlist section, isn't it? :)

  • @SeattleCommuter Yeah, I guess so. My instinct is to adjust to the board/geography instead of trying to get a techno fix, so I should prolly just stay off the Product Wishlist subforum. FM doesn't read this stuff anyhow.

  • @shattle Fair point. But I thought it was worth a shot. This is my #1 complaint with the board and the only thing making me wary of recommending it to everyone.

    You should see some of the hills I'm going down sometimes when I get this message. On the small chance that I manage to stay on the board, I know that friction from the tail won't be enough to slow me down so if there's a car or a pedestrian coming, someone or something will get hurt for sure.

    So much for

    Uphill or downhill, Onewheel provides incredibly smooth, controllable power.

  • @SeattleCommuter I hear you! It took me a while to find a morning/afternoon pattern and route that worked. I will admit I go the opposite direction of home and climb up Columbia for two blocks straight out the door after work for the sole purpose of being able to roll down to the stadium train station without that shutoff warning.

  • Can we please make this a feature. I will be moving to a new spot on top of a hill and would really find it cumbersome to manually manage the charge level each day before my commute. Otherwise Id have to walk it down the hill each day. This could definitely be an easy app update now with a simple alert and eventually have a auto charge shut off in the future.

  • Would like to also support this feature. I have a small downhill to start my usual ride and I'm constantly stopping and reversing direction a little to try and put load on the battery to prevent total ejection.

    Just something in settings to arbitrarily target an approximate charge level would be amazing, but perhaps this would require a modification to the charger itself.

    Otherwise, the charging game is on point. I love the fully charged notification when my phone gets within range. Nice touch.

  • Maybe a better solution would be adding a component that could convert excess energy directly to heat. My vintage motorcycle (50-year-old technology) has a zener diode in the charging circuit that does exactly that. The main design challenge for FM would be how to dissipate the heat. They would need to add a large heatsink somewhere that gets plenty of airflow, but that can't be touched by the rider and burn them.

  • According to the app my board only charges to 99% or rather, it says 100% if it is plugged in but as soon as I unplug it it drops to 99%.

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