Wheelslip detected

  • Day 2 of casual riding and I'm getting loads of 'wheelslip detected' notifications and the board doesn't feel nearly as stable, wobbly at low and high speeds. Anyone seen similar?

    Also the wheel is racking up small circular tears, have only been on smooth surfaces.

  • @jbswiss123 is it an original or plus, what's the tire pressure, which mode are you riding in and are you comparing the plus to the original when you say it doesn't feel as stable and is wobbly? As for the small circular tears, that happens, what exactly are you riding on- hard asphalt?

  • @groovyruvy it's a plus, wobbly is observation between day 1 and 2, modes alternating between sequoia and cruz, reverting with tire pressure. Surface is hard asphalt

  • @jbswiss123 I'm not clear on what PSI your tire is at, so unable to comment. That wobbly feeling could just be you getting used to the board- a lot of newer riders (myself included) initially feel the board is wobbly (particularly with higher tire pressure, like around 20PSI). Soon enough that feeling disappears as your muscles acclimate and you grow more accustomed to handling the board. I can't comment too much on Sequoia or Cruz modes because I only ride in Mission, but I've been reading that one of the modes (not Mission) is akin to Classic on the original, and if that's accurate then you don't want to ride in that mode as it's awful (awfully dangerous), as it gives violent pushback at relatively low speeds which you instinctively fight because it feels silly to get pushback when going slow, hence a wobbly sensation. My recommendations: verify good tire pressure / make sure you're riding in the 17-20 PSI range, try Mission Mode (just because it can go fast doesn't mean you have to, and it's very smooth and stable), and also maybe give your muscles a break and take a day off- fatigue is a big factor in comfort and stability. If after all that you're still having issues, record a vid of you riding and post the link here so we can see what's going on. As for the pock marks in your tire, totally normal. These go-cart tires are soft and gooey and grip like crazy on smooth asphalt- so they tear little holes all the time.

  • @groovyruvy brilliant response much appreciated, taking all comments on board will let you know outcome.

  • @jbswiss123 Are you sure the small circles aren't the ones already on the tire that are for judging tire wear?

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