6 reasons I would recommend a v1 over a plus for beginners, from an experienced rider

  • I think the only comparable way the V1 beats the V2 is range and price. Like @simtech said, if we're talking about a pure beginner, many of the factors you've listed won't really apply. Imagine spending a year on the V2 then going to the V1, it would be a downgrade for sure.

  • said in 6 reasons I would recommend a v1 over a plus for beginners, from an experienced rider:

    Quiet. Almost too quiet. People can't hear me approaching like they could on the v1.

    My OW+ is noisier than my original Onewheel :/

    It's not like super noisy, but you can definitely hear the motor.

  • @NextGenDan then something is wrong with it. I would contact FM. The loudest sound I can hear while riding my plus is the sound of the tire on the road.

  • @skylarmb This is pretty on point. Agreed with most of it. After the first few times dismounting on the plus it seemed easy but I do agree it would be harder for a beginner. My wife has a hard time dismounting on the plus and prefers the shimmy off the sensor method for the V1.

  • When I'm riding my V1, I can hear flies fart....so what's it going to be with the plus ???

  • @fabuz thought the same thing to before i got mine, its literally dead quiet, scary quiet.....

  • @johnny totally mad ! Can't wait to hear that....or not :)

  • I have to disagree on every​ point here.. my plus kicks the v1's ass! To say the least..

    the V1 is flimsy as hell and on every bump if you don't compensate you're going to fall..

    the plus is stiff as a board.. the plus is comfortably faster..

    you have to work alot harder to keep up with a V1..

    they do not have the same acceleration or top speed..

    the dismount is exactly the same too as the V1, no difference.. lifting your heels or toes works the same on both boards..

  • Agree with the OP - v1 lover and hardcore rider here with a plus that I am afraid to ride hard. Great points.

    Also agree with @njcustom that the dismount is basically the same. I can see how people used to shimmying off the side of the sensor would find total coverage troublesome.

    But I disagree with @njcustom about the flimsiness on bumps. Have you mastered the plus tail drop bs on little bumps? I wanna ride my plus but don't know how to hit the bumps.

    Also stiff as a board? When I push down on my plus footpads I hear a creaking sound. FM said it is normal. Comparatively, my v1 is literally stiff as a board.

  • @PowerWheel5000 I mean stiff as in the ride mode.. mine doesn't creak at all. I had the tail drop a few times but it stopped.. not sure what that was all about.. it hasn't happened in over 100 miles.. when I go over bumps it stays stiff and doesn't flop around like the v1

    The magnets in the motor are gripping harder then the V1 which means harder fails.. when the magnets can no longer hold your weight you get nose/tail drops.. it's going to be more drastic then the V1 Because it's holding tighter..

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