Safety feature: practice motor cutoff

  • We all know the OW motor can suddenly shut off in the middle of a descent or while going at high speed. Both of those situations are already pretty dangerous as they are.

    It is possible to experiment with pushback at lower speed using different shaping modes (as suggested by Jeremy Gauvin) which is helpful. Crawl, walk then run approach.

    It is not however possible to test disengaging the engine at lower speed to practice emergency manoeuvers. It's like we're pilots who need to figure out how to do an emergency landing without ever rehearsing.

    Even better would be a shaping mode for "balance practice". The stabilization could be pulsated at different interval so that it's possible to eventually know exactly hiw to learn for minimal energy expenditure. Figuring out how to shift weight in nosedive or cutoff situations could save many broken bones.

    Anyway, on my way to the clinic xD

  • @SeattleCommuter I think it's a good idea in theory, but HOW you fall causes more damage than how FAST you fall, people would likely seriously hurt themselves using a function like this.

  • @No My point is, less so than going full speed and then hitting it. Maybe it could be available only if you ride with delirium

  • Not sure about doing this via the app or something, but you could ride on grass slowly and then simulate it. jump off at speed and roll it out or take your foot off the sensor pad and let it cut off. not a bad idea to practice and get your body reaction to be instant and muscle memory.

  • @RandomNate Or just lift up your back foot. Lots of ways to nosedive!

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