Ouch, need elbow pads

  • I don't have pictures but I had a really gnarly crash, actually multiple over the span of Saturday to today Tuesday. I had a crash late Saturday the lasts notification I got from the app no rider reported cruising at 12.5. I don't think that's correct it felt way faster... and this was all on a gravel road that was bumpy ( we recently increased psi, think that's the problem) so I got some really deep cuts on my knees I scraped up both hands and both elbows pretty bad. My hands are really sore and it's hard to do much, that was just one crash, I crashed about 30 mins ago and messed up my elbows again also my hands, it's hard to eat lunch... I was wondering if you guys have suggestions for elbow pads that aren't to bulky and don't look funny, that's the main reason I wasent wearing any. I'm thinking I don't need them on pavement only gravel bacause it's been months since I've had a bad crash on pavement and even then I only got some scrapes on my elbow and cracked my helmet in half... I think that we need to decrease PSI when on gravel because when it was lower for us it was way easy on gravel, but on pavement it was kinda mushy and we dident get good mileage, so on pavement we get almost 1.5 more miles of run time with a higher PSI. So if y'all have a suggestion on a pressure gage and also some slim elbow pads that aren't bulky but keep at least my right elbow intact, as that's the elbow I always fall on...

  • Either G-form PRO-X pads as you can wear these under jeans n shirt n no one will know or POC VPD Air pads..

    But I would recommend the G-form as you dont notice you are wearing them at all..

  • I use the Triple 8 elbow pads but they're not that great. They will hide under a long sleeve shirt just fine but also I've been injured plenty despite having them on. I would recommend you get gear that will protect you properly rather than worrying about looking funny. As anyone who has ever riding a OW knows, people always shout "Whoa! what the heck is that thing?". I'd image that no one will even notice your choice of safety gear.

  • I mean I can't really wear a long sleeve shirt and pants riding when it's so hot outside... just hope for something slim I think the G-form will be my choice. They look kinda cool too.

  • @jodell a ton of people yell and ask what it is but they always ask where the elbow pads and knee pads are... they would notice and I just feel weird in stuff that is big and clunky can't hides anything under a shirt so... just gotta go with slim really low profile stuff @Zen-Potatoes sugested the g-form ones and I think that may be my choice

  • I have the G-forms for elbow and TSG pads for knee and wrist. So far I'm on day two and I've only fallen once, on my hands so I can't review The G-forms other than to say that they're pretty lightweight and comfortable. I recommend trying them on in a store.

    My local skate shop suggested normal pads would be better for when you fall and skid on them whereas the G-forms are better for a straight-up impact, but probably wouldn't survive a slide as much.

    G-forms have the advantage of being able to fit under your clothes but more traditional pads protect your clothes from being torn up, so I prefer not having to buy new jeans when I fall.

  • Thank you for not having pictures. Too many gruesome photos being posted in the Onewheel FB forums by newbies that go in full-throttle the first time they get on the board without doing any research beforehand.

  • If you search "elbow pads" on here you'll find a bunch of info.

    That said, my OW+ is a week away still... but I've been sitting in new protective gear for almost 3 months. I have slip on Triple 8 smaller elbow pads, Triple 8 knee pads that are not slip on (I'm a nerd who ties shoes and didn't want to take my shoes off every ride, less hassle = more likely to wear them) and uses only straps so they can be out on whenever, and 187 Killer wrist guards that have 3 Velcro straps so they can be snugged up well.

    Also, best to get on before buying if possible.

  • Like @Zen-Potatoes and others in this forum I use and recommend the g-form elbow guards. They're not going to provide much impact protection but they will protect your skin and keep it from getting all ripped up.

  • Well as some are suggesting, I am not a newbie, riding for about 6 months now. I just never had anything other than a helmet until now and I guess I'm pushing it more and trying to go faster now, I really jacked up my knee and hands, any suggestions on wrist guards? I think I need wrist guards after taking another crash on the hands... I need wrist guards that aren't big and clunky, you can still move your hands in them like eat a sandwich type moving hands, not that u do that often but it would be nice to hole a GoPro selfie stick and not feel awkward about it. Haven't gotten to the point that I need to be holding one but it is in the near future. I don't think knee pads are nesscesary for now as I only got a little hurt on my knees, also does it hurt if your hands are injured and you put on wrist guards? I probably should've worn protective gear from the start but I never really ever got hurt until now, worst crash before was a scraped elbow and a helmet cradled in half...

  • @groovyruvy that's all I need just no open wounds would be good

  • @thegreck yea I figured y'all might not want to see my scraped up banged up elbows knees hands and hip, I took a look at the FB group once and there are some pretty jacked up elbows and knees that I've seen. Funny think is that I ate it in front of a bunch of grown adults... and sat there for probably 10 minutes and nobody did anything... everyone saw it too. One kid calls me as the kid that ate it that one time on that one wheeler thing.

  • @Zen.Potatoes I ordered the VPD POC pads and some cheap wrist brace for like 10 that is really just to keep from scraping hands. Thanks for the suggestion

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