Commonly Asked Questions - We've heard it all....

  • Specs:
    Motor: 500W transverse flux hub
    Battery: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) 48V
    Sensors: Solid State MEMS 6-DOF
    Tire: 11.5×6.5-6 Vega
    Deck: Canadian Maple
    Dimensions: 9×11.5×30 (in)
    Weight: 25lbs
    Max lean angle: >30 degrees
    Top speed: 15 MPH
    Typical range: 6-8 miles
    Recharge time: 20 mins
    Hill Climb: 20%
    Digital Shaping Settings: Classic/Extreme/Elevated
    Awesome: Extremely

    I see it but I don't believe it. What is it?!?
    Onewheel is different - This is not a skateboard. It doesn't ride like one and you don't ride it like one. If you're jonesing for a comparison think snowboarding on a powder day with a sprinkle of futuristic hoverboard thrown in the mix. But still, it's just different...

    It's a board sport - Make no mistake about it, Onewheeling is a new board sport. The fact that Onewheel uses insane technology to shoot you through space and time completely dissolves away when riding - all you can really think about is that next turn you're leaning into. Sure it helps with balance forward and backward, but becoming an accomplished rider takes practice, patience and skill, just like any other sport. And if you put in the time you will develop your own personal riding style and can do some pretty amazing things.

    Well in that case... Where can I get one???
    These fine pavement carving machines are only available at and yes, we ship world-wide!

    Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 1.15.55 AM.png And they say you can't buy happiness...

    How exactly does this thing work?
    Contrary to popular belief, Onewheel is not entirly the creation of dark magic, there's also a bit of crafty engineering involved!

    Gyro's and Accelerometers read the board's position 14,000 times per second and feed that information into a computer chip that's similar to the one in your smartphone. We've carefully programmed that chip to digest the data and tell the motor how to run in order to achieve the butteriest of riding experiences.

    There's an app for that?
    The Onewheel app (currently on IOS, coming to Android) enables riders to monitor battery levels, turn on and off LED lights for night time adventures and most importantly switch Digital Shaping settings. You can also track the attributes of your ride including speed, and distance traveled and if you've got an iwatch you can see it all on your wrist! One of the coolest things about the app is that you can actually upgrade your board's firmware when we have we have improved performance or additional Digital Shaping settings so your board evolves with you.

    b94e50af6e323f0dfb349b5e83fe03d6_original.png Onewheel App found in the App Store

    What's Digital Shaping?
    We thought you'd never ask... Inspired from the art of designing different surfboard shapes to create different riding experiences, Digital Shaping enables riders to select different settings to suite personal style, ability level, or riding terrain. Riders can use the Onewheel App to cruise in Classic, push the limits in Extreme or stay up in Elevated Shaping.

    So what's the deal with Classic Shaping?
    Onewheel rides with Classic shaping by default, which brings tight responsive handling, solid range and the added safety of a feathery 'push back' to regulate at high speeds. Classic is the perfect shaping for a Sunday cruise, covering ground or navigating tight spots.

    Am I ready for Extreme Shaping?
    Extreme has a looser feel (think loosening the trucks on your skateboard) for optimal flow but requires a little more rider control and experience. With Extreme shaping, your nose dives into turns for a very powdery feel and deeper more fluid carving. Pushing 15mph, Expert is ideal for advanced riders with a need for speed and want to dive into some serious S turns.

    When would you want to kick it into Elevated Shaping?
    Elevated shaping enables the board to ride slightly nose up to help you tackle the steepest terrain. Not only does Elevated allow you to shoot up the steepest hill in town, it also is the setting de jour for pump tracks and bowls. Never nose down in Elevated.

    Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.24.41 PM.png Dial in your Shaping setting of choice.

    So it can go up hills?
    Yes it can! According to the spec sheet, the Onewheel can climb hills with up to a 20% gradient, no problem.

    Does the Onewheel work in wet conditions?
    Why yes, it does! We wouldn't go swimming with it, but it works great it wet or damp enviornments.

    Where else can it go?

    Dirt, sand, grass, gravel, nothing is safe from Onewheel's wrath. It is truly an all terrain vehicle!

    I have an upcoming trip. Can I take my board with me?
    In the recent months, airlines have become strike about flying with devices containing Lithium batteries. Although some airlines might allow to travel with a Onewheel, many might not. Since the decision is made by the airline, please check with them before trying to take your board on a trip.

    Is the Ultra Charger comparable with different voltages?
    Yes! Our charger is multi-voltage so it will work anywhere in the world. All you need is an outlet adapter.

    What’s the lifetime of the battery?
    We use lithium iron phosphate batteries which are awesome! They decrease about 8% capacity per 1,000 cycles. This means if you use your board everyday for the next 3 years it will be at about 92% of it’s original battery capacity! If you do need to eventually swap out batteries we do use a modular design so a battery swap is possible although not something that would be easily done yourself.

    Why no swappable batteries?
    Good question - Our batteries are not easily 'hot swappable' because they are housed in a module that is completely sealed for weather proofing. batteries are housed inside one of the foot panels which are completely sealed making the Onewheel life-proof (grit, dirt, sand, ect.) We are really focused on extending our range within our current design.

    Shouldn't Onewheel have a wheel cover?
    Great minds think alike! We are currently designing a fender concept. We've never had any issues with things getting stuck in the wheel, but in wet conditions a fender will be nice to keep your pant legs dry!

    What is the weight limit?
    Max rider weight is 275lbs.

    What is the minimum age to ride Onewheel?
    Onewheel is recommended for riders 13 years of age and older.

    Where are they made?
    We are proud to say that Onewheels are made in the USA. San Jose, California to be exact. Check out our factory tour with Tech Crunch!

    Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.20.02 PM.png Building mind blowing riding experiences, one board at a time.

    How much does shipping cost?
    Domestic shipping is $50 and international shipping is $300.

    Does Onewheel come with a warranty?
    Yes. Onewheel comes with a year long warranty. You can lean more about our warranty at

    Does it come ready out of the box?
    Yes! But we recommend you fully charge your Onewheel before your first ride. Also, it is important to read and understand the Onewheel Owner’s Manual.

    Can I be a Onewheel Distributor/Retailer?
    We receive a tremendous amount of interest from potential sales representatives both at national and international levels and in order to keep everything sorted we'd suggest you send your inquiry over to Please include any pertinent information about your operation and maybe there's an opportunity to work together!

    Is riding Onewheel legal where I live?
    Each country, city and municipality has different regulations for rideables. Reference your local laws to make sure Onewheels are good to go!

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