my onewheel distance is only only 6km?

  • ok so heres the deal. i weight about 100kg and yes i do drive it up hils and i know it drains more power that way but my normal distance is about 5.5km-6.5km, is this normal or should i be worryd.

    i have had it for about 10 days and gone 160km distance total so far.

  • Well it depeds on alot of stuff, I was getting close to about 4 miles per ride when I was going on a straight path at a constant/ average speed of about 19mph so I had really reduced distance, on other trails that are curvy I can get about 7.5 miles, I like curves better... But with uphil and if it is a stright path you might drain battery alot. Also if you go offroading like in grass and bumpy gravel when the wheel slips alot you will run out of battery faster, If you do "burnouts" when you hold front foot on pad and the wheel spins alot, if you do that on purpose or on accident for a couple seconds it drains battery pretty quick I have noticed aswell. It depends on alot of things but you could have a bettery issue, I would check the app to see if its fully charged before you leave and sometimes battery cells arent balanced so if you do like a 42hr charge it balance them out it could be 24 im not sure but battery life is very dependent on what you do with it.

  • @bloodywolfz tire psi makes a big difference

  • @Waterloo1wheeler yea but also changes difficulty of the ride I like it better with higher psi on pavement but off-road you need to lower it.

  • @OffRoadOW yeah you're right. I've gone off-road with higher psi, just not as comfy.

  • You have a plus or original? On flat ground I can get distances up to 15 km with the V1... (70kg's)

  • Watch your tire pressure closely
    remember that riding at the limit of the speed will decrease battery life by 50% or more
    riding, 14 or 15 miles an hour will give you close to what you would expect at your weight, but it 19 miles an hour, you'll be lucky to get what you are getting out of that salary with each charge.
    I like how many miles you put on your so far... That is awesome
    I hope you'll post some pictures and videos when you can
    good luck and enjoy every mile

  • One question I have for others here:
    What is the highest PSI you've used on your OW+ without having the tire grow so large as to RUB while spinning?
    As always, thank you in advance for your answers

  • @spalding12 I typically run 30 psi

  • @CBR-954rr said in my onewheel distance is only only 6km?:

    @spalding12 I typically run 30 psi

    I'm glad to hear that
    I'm 190 pounds (On a good day... LOL) And a 20 psi is fine for off Road but on road I will ride closer to 30 PSI even if it makes me OneWheel Slightly more "Squirrelly" on flat pavement
    I just wanted to make sure it didn't rub at 30 PSI
    Thanks for your insight

  • ok been of for some days because i found out the problem. it was the air in the tire all along. only had 1,3-5 bars out of 4. and now i get to distans i want and need, been so bussy with it i forgot about this but thank you all for the help. iam now up to 200km in total. and as a side note i have lost 5kg seens i got this awsome thing. life is awsome and exept for the rainy weather we are having now here in sweden i ride this every day in pure blizz. agien thank you all for the help

  • @bloodywolfz so glad that was the issue... appreciate you checking back in with us. please ride safely and with a smile on your face.

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