Quick Review of the OW+: No prior OW experience

  • I placed an order for my OW+ on April 17, 2017 from FM, but after doing some digging I found a dealer near me that would be receiving the board before my pre-order. Ended up putting a deposit on one and picked it up yesterday (5/30).

    First order of business was to throw on the clear bra I bought for the rails, and charge it up. Took it out for a quick ride in the parking lot out back of my apt building, and just started getting the feel for it. Full disclosure, I did grow up snowboarding, skateboarding, and wakeboarding.

    First impressions: quick, quiet, and smooth as butter. I'm the type that can usually pick stuff up really quickly, so within the first few minutes I was already taking it down the streets and getting it up to speed. I proceeded to spend the next hour or so zipping around the neighborhood (put on about 9 miles). I was grinning ear to ear the ENTIRE time, and did not want to go to sleep haha.

    Day 2: It just turned nice in Chicago, and all I could think about was riding this thing again. Decided to skip the car/motorcycle, and commute in to work using the OW+. Commute usually takes me about 12-15 min by car (~3mi in the City of Chicago). OW+ got me there in about 16 min, but it was a lot more fun. Had an appointment today at 11, decided to take the OW to it, then ran around for another few miles after that. I seriously can't get enough of the thing, and can't wait to get back out. So far I've put 15 miles on the board, but that was enough to convince me I'll be riding this as much as humanly possible.


    • Fast
    • Quiet
    • Learning Curve: Fast with previous board experience
    • Smooth
    • Built like a tank
    • Responsive
    • Ability to go ANYWHERE. One minute you are on the street, next you can be going through a park, etc.
    • Charges quickly


    • Weight: the thing is heavy. No other way to describe it other than it sucks to carry. Low on the list considering it should be ridden, but there have already been loads of times I've needed to carry it. I'll be grabbing a carry handle
    • Price: obviously if you are on the forums, you know what the thing costs. While it isn't cheap, it is absolutely 100% worth the money
    • Uniqueness: while this isn't an actual con, I am the type that doesn't crave attention, yet this thing certainly garners tons of attention. I've already had about 50 people make comments, talk to me, etc. and I've only had it for like 24hrs!
    • Open wheel: Without a fender, you will get tons of stuff kicked up onto you. Unfortunately for me it had just rained and cleared up when I was ready to take it out. Also unfortunate is that my fender hasn't come in yet so I got tons of small wet pebbles on me. I will likely use my fender all the time when it comes.

    To sum it up: Get one, you won't regret it.

  • With the fender the girptape starts to peel, alot of people have put a longboard super grippy griptape called vicious griptape I havent dont it (yet) but the grip they used on the plus is crappy compared to the V1. So before you even put your fender on I would look into this stuff or figure out a way to make sure the edges of the grip dont come up, especialy where the fender would touch the griptape. Like your review it is really acurate but where we ride, we just got a place and out there its something that a bunch of drunk people like to try, so its a way to meat people aswell. I think that your heaviness problem can be solved with a side handle that a couple people on the forums have decided to make anso there are some fenders like what @njcustom makes that are magnetic and i dont think would scew up the grip badly.

  • @OffRoadOW actually waiting for my fender from @njcustom right now!

  • @cameronbalch well you should be set, I have heard they are nice, we are thinking of getting 3 for our onewheels, maybe just 2 for the pluses because we don't have an issue with the grip on that board,

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