Custom CNC skid plates?

  • I've noticed a number of people on the forum who operate CNC mills, and I was wondering if anyone would consider producing a custom designed skid plate?

    I've been practicing my CAD skills, and I've got a couple designs I'd be willing to share with the community under a Creative Commons license. We could even collaborate on new revisions of the design.

    I live in Canada, and no one ships across the border yet, so bonus points if you're local or willing to ship a flat pack internationally.

  • @spincrisis I would be more than happy to cut your plates for you if you have the files. If interested contact me

    Just curious what cad cam software are you using?

  • Nice! ;)
    maybe try contacting a local CNCshop and ride along with a excisting/ running order in suitable material to save money
    Add agencies order a lot of plastic cut outs also..maybe try them?...

  • @EIGHT2TEN Thanks for the offer! I'll fire you an e-mail tomorrow.

    I've been modelling things for my 3D printer in AutoDesk Fusion, ideally I'd like some gnarly meta materials to protect the bottom of the onewheel, but I'm still improving at 3D printing before I attempt that.

    On the CAM side, do you generate your own toolpaths from an STL file, or is that something I need to learn how to do? I know you can generate toolpaths with Fusion, but I've never done it before.

  • @timvdp I know my University's Physics department has trained graduate students in their machine shop who will pick up projects like this. They sometimes have scraps of exotic plastics like PEEK that I would like to try out 😉

  • @spincrisis I have fusion 360, solid works, vcarve pro. As for the tool paths if it's just a straight cut I can do it but if your wanting something 3d you might want to do those tool paths yourself. I don't see the need for 3d though. On my plates I have a bit change that's why the additional cost, as it adds up when making large runs. If someone wanted straight edges and no chamfering of the 45degree I would sell my plates for $20. The tool change and the bit I'm using is pretty pricy and runs about $200. So it's all in how fancy you want to get. I can even engrave into the plates if you wish. Lots of options. We can collaborate on this off line. Again I'm here to help anyone.

  • @spincrisis great option too. I am a college professor and use to lend a hand in the fab labs. That's a great resource to look into

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