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  • @njcustom I can see how that would f💩ck with your confidence. The tail is likely dropping because the motor is more powerful, so when it gets airborne and the wheel spins, when it makes contact with the ground again it outruns you momentarily.

    I bet (hope) they're working to correct this. Seems like it should be programmed so the wheel would never go from one speed to triple the speed in a fraction of a second.

  • @njcustom said in Order #'s of Problem Boards:

    7171* I've had my plus tail drop a few times on small things like an extension cord.. makes no sense... Then i rip through the grass with no issues.. it's weird.. this one particular curb on my block makes it drop too.. its less then 1/2 high .. not enough to make the V1 fail but for some reason the plus fails.. it really screws with your confidence.. it's always in the back of my head that I may have to run it out at any moment. Never had a single issue with my V1..

    Yeah, it's definitely common with the new shaping profiles on the plus. I've found that as long as your are level or leaning forward slightly it's not noticeable...so if you know a crack or drop is coming up, do your braking before you get to it and level up the board going over it. Hopefully it is something that will be addressed by FM cause it sucks when you're trying to slow down over rough terrain and your board accelerates instead causing the tail to drag.

  • @thegreck That is also my theory. At first I thought tail drop was a defect with the board (gyro failing momentarily or something like that), but it seems likely that it is just the result of the wheel accelerating while it is airborne, causing the forward jerk (and subsequent tail drop) when it makes contact with the ground again.

  • @CBR-954rr speaks wise words. On the original when the wheel loses contact with the ground, it continues spinning at the same speed, whereas on the plus the wheel spins really fast, like in overdrive. As a result I handle drops, wheelslip, wheel losing contact with the ground differently on each board. On the original I tend to lean back as when you land you tend to get tossed forward (nosedive), so leaning back braces you for that and enables you to ride it out. On the plus if you lean back when you lose contact, that's no bueno because with the wheel spinning super fast, when you land the tail drops. You can avoid this, or minimize this, by standing more over the nose and/or keeping more pressure on the nose, anticipating the acceleration and providing counter-weight to bring the board back down to the speed you were cruising at. Different boards, different approaches. With that said, I will say that even with diligence on the plus, my tail sometimes drops, as I'm unable to see / anticipate every wheelslip before it happens, and in those instances I'm not prepared.

  • @groovyruvy

    Noticed the exact same thing and you explained it pretty well.
    It can take you off guard at first as you're used to the V1.

  • @njcustom I've had that same experience on my + since I received it a couple weeks ago. Two times I've had to bail after a tail drop over a small lip but yet I have no problem plowing through really bumpy grass. Odd one.

  • Another plus tail drop victim reporting in

  • @OCB So it's a feature, not a defect.... ;)

  • @thegreck the wheel never slips or comes off the ground..

  • @shattle you may be right! Just keeps me on my toes and ready.

  • 0_1496712643097_Screenshot_20170605-201732.png

  • @njcustom good to know, but what are we supposed to do when we can't see the bumps, use the force :)

  • @groovyruvy @njcustom I guess better to know than not right?

    That's the first I've seen of FM directly commenting about the tail drop. Not a defect!

  • @skyman88 agreed it's not a defect, I had shared my thoughts about the differences between the original and plus earlier in this thread. I just think that a LOT of us would prefer that they adjust the software so when the wheel spins, it doesn't overcompensate quite as much as its doing now. I think they got the right idea making the wheel spin faster, I just think they took it a bit too far.

  • I just cant wait for delirium

  • Hopefully they can fix this problem across all plus riding modes

  • I just had to send my plus in for repair after 440 miles.. it developed a knocking sound everytime you turned/leaned to the left.. it got to be loud and you could feel it under your feet.. It didn't affect performance but I don't feel comfortable with noises that weren't there before.. back to riding my V1 for now.

  • @gluebreath Did you get your plus fixed? What did they do to fix it and how long was the wait? I've only had my board for a few weeks and 60 miles, but it already developed a knocking sound that is more pronounced when leaning to one side. Here is what mine sounds like now - https://youtu.be/7wYgudhIQ1o

  • @sfctac yeah that sound is no good. If tightening the hub doesn't solve the issue it probably needs to go back for some factory love.

  • @sfctac Yes I sent my board in as the noise got louder and you could feel something rubbing with each tire rotation while leaning to the left.. they said some part was rubbing against the bearing so they replaced the part and it took care of the noise.. it took a little over 3 weeks for me to get my board back which includes the round trip ground shipping to the Midwest.

    Everything was great for a month after I got it back then it once again started making the same noise in the same direction.. it's not as loud/bad as before but it is there and you definitely notice it on really tight left turns.. it has not gotten any worse and I don't notice it most rides.. I've since put on an additional 700 miles and everything is still working fine.

    A second noise that sounded like a squeaking sound developed after the Andromeda update which would happen regardless of direction of travel with every tire rotation.. that noise has since worked its self out and it no longer does it.

    I'm getting ready to send it in for repair again + a tire change as I have already worn thru the sides of the tire after 1,100 miles.. I'm 215 lbs and ride my OW+ pretty hard on a daily basis.. I've just been putting it off for as long as I can.

    I watched your video and that definitely sounds worse then what I had going on.. I'd definitely send it in for peace of mind.. they are pretty good about warranty service so I wouldn't worry.. just be prepared to be without it for a few weeks depending on where you live.