Traveling with Onewheel. There's hope.

  • I landed in DC and reassembled the Onewheel in few minutes.
    It is such a fun productive and social tool to travel with - It opens a city like nothing !

    Few hours before boarding (Paris -> DC with a stop in Reykjavik) Icelandair emailed me that the OW will be accepted without its battery, but the battery will be refused.

    I then had a nice conversation with Future Motion support, they proposed me to send it for a repair in case my battery was confiscated (and charge me for tuning + missing part).

    So i took my chance and put the battery pack (not the battery module, too big and dirty) in a plastic bag as a carry on. It is a huge battery pack, I wasnt sure what to say if i was asked. But it was scanned without any question.

    Now I cross my finger it wont be confiscated on my way back !

    ps: to remove and extract the battery, you actually ends up only a few screws away from unmounting everyting. unmounting everything makes it easier to pack, and probably raises less security and custom questions. but i agree it is not a necessity.

  • Oh, I left out a step - deflate the tire. I picked up a tiny bike pump and have a mafia bag on order. I plan to try all this out in early July on Southwest. Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

  • @lynnpreston Yes indeed tire must be deflated, and good idea to travel with the pump.
    Another point: i read somewhere your battery pack should not be charged over 30%. I had a discharge ride in Paris just before my flight.

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