Please don't make the same mistake I did

  • First a little background on myself. I am a 19 year old avid snowboarder and unicycler. I am 6'0 and weigh 153 pounds. I ordered the onewheel+ on March 3 and recieved it two days ago on Wednesday.

    The thing is awesome. It is incredibly fun to ride. I get about 6-6.3 miles to charge, just enough to get me to my summer internship. I did not wear a helmet or kneepads because I felt so in control, despite reading about people on the forum claiming them to be an essential. As soon as I hopped on it felt completely natural and took very little time to learn the ins and outs ... or so I thought. I had put 26 miles on my onewheel and was coming up the steep hill that is my driveway, happy to be home after a long day from work. I guess I leaned too far forward and the front of the board caught on the cement. BAM!

    I fell going 15 mph and it hurt. I was very lucky to not hit my head- I did not have a helmet on. My knees and elbows got horribly scraped up and it looked like I had huge raw strips of bacon on my body- not fun. If I had been wearing elbow and wrist guards, I would have easily reduced the damage by 90%.

    But anyways, please do yourself a favor and wear wrist, elbow, and knee guards along with a helmet. The onewheel+ is phenomonal (the machine survived the crash bumped up but in perfect working order- they are built to last!), but it is still a machine and something to be wary to trust. Don't make the mistake I did.

  • @lil_b i'm so sorry to hear about your fall. however, thank you for taking the time to tell us about your personal experience.
    please heal quickly and completely and continue to enjoy your OW+... with protection
    good luck

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