Charger light feedback--what does it mean

  • Onewheelers! My + is back at FM for diagnosis, but I'd love to hear fellow riders' opinions/experience. My + turned off while I was riding. Ouch. Not right, ever. Contacted FM via email and Carly asked whether the light on the charger was green or red when I plugged it in.

    The light was green at 100% when I got home to check. I burned off a few points turned it off & plugged it in. Light stayed green. I opened the app to see what it said about whether board was charging and realized I had to turn the board on to connect. I did that and the charger light turned red. Now it turns red when I plug in the Onewheel if not fully charged, whether one or off when charging.

    I told that to Carly and she said "After talking to the engineering team, it sounds like this issue is not easy to troubleshoot remotely and we will have to get this board back to the factory with a prepaid shipping label."

    I suspect I have a faulty battery management system (BMS) based on anecdotal comments from other riders scattered throughout the forum over the last 2 years. I haven't heard back from FM yet (they've only had the board for a few days) but my experience is that FM is a bit of a black hole in terms of information even on the best of days.

    Anyone with first-hand experience with something like this willing to opine/share their experience?

  • @shattle I'm not sure I'm following, but on my boards whenever I plug them in, the indicator light on the battery charger turns red and remains that way for about 45 min (assuming battery was down to 1%), then turns green. If I check the app the moment the battery charger light turns from red to green, on the app it usually shows 98% charge, so I leave it on the charger (with the battery indicator light green) for an extra 5 min and then the app shows 100% charge. While in a charging state (plugged in) I don't need to turn a board on to connect to the app, it's already enabled. If you're saying that your battery indicator light turns red when you plug it into your board that sounds normal to me.

  • @groovyruvy It didn't turn red when I plugged it in at less than 100% until I cycled the power on the board. After that, the charger light acted consistently with what we all expect (red=charging/green=charged). But after having had the board quit on me twice at +/- 9mph for no reason I don't have confidence there's not a tech issue with my board. FM apparently thinks so too, but I don't get good info from FM....

  • @shattle understandable. A lot of us have resolved power issues by simply putting the board on charge for 48 hours. If that's what you meant when you power cycled the board you will hopefully (fingers crossed) be all set. If you meant that you turned it on and off and it appears to be working fine now, you still should be good but if you want to put it on a 48-hour charge for good measure, couldn't hurt.

  • @groovyruvy I meant I turned it on/off.

    If I didn't damn near break both my hands, I'd be more willing to tinker with figuring out exactly why my board turned off while riding, but I don't care to try and reproduce the crashes. Something ain't right, FM thinks something ain't right, & I'm trying to figure out what FM might think ain't right.....

  • @shattle there's nothing worse than not being able to be confident in the board while riding, particularly at higher speeds. IF you're certain it's not an issue with your foot disengaging from the sensors and your board is now charging OK, I'm not sure what else to recommend other than to pad up and give it a go. Me personally I'd try it in Mission Mode (to eliminate the issue of getting pushback at lower speeds) and ease your way into the 8-10 mph range, and ride with the mindset that it's going to fail- that way you are prepared to run it out at any moment. I've been able to run out nosedives at some pretty fast speeds (16ish) so if you're prepared for the worst you hopefully will be alright, and best case scenario, no failures! If this suggestion isn't working for you, is FM willing to take the board back and diagnose it once again?

  • @groovyruvy Yeah, it's already back at FM. I kissed the pavement too hard, too unexpectedly, too many times for me to keep fooling with it. A little bit like tinkering with a malfunctioning nail gun, after nailing your foot to floor, to see if you can nail the other foot down too. Don't trust the tech=no fun. Back on my V1 and daydreaming about my +

  • @shattle Hey all--turns out it WAS some kind of manufacturing defect--they replaced the battery management system. Back on problems yet.

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