Pushback in Mission shaping profile

  • After about 50 miles on my Onewheel+, I'm at the point where 15mph in Mission is comfortable to me on clear stretches of road.

    But 15.5 seems to be the point where pushback kicks in. This is a bummer. I'm not a speed demon, but I wish the pushback started closer to the maximum speed (19mph-ish?).

    Comments from anybody else on this?

    Perhaps this will be improved when with the not-yet-released Delirium profile? I don't want more aggressive acceleration, I just want the top-end increased by moving the pushback higher.

  • @florider my top speed is close to 22 mph and even then I'm not sure I felt any pushback, or if I did it was so mild I didn't notice it. If you think you're feeling it at 15 mph maybe just try pushing past itcomma I think you'll find it opens up pretty easily without offering much resistance.

  • I have the same issue, top speed 15.9 in mission mode. Once I cross the 15 mark I get mad push back.

    Now granted I live in Michigan and our roads are anything but smooth, but it would be nice to hit the claimed 19mph. Anyone else having this issue?

  • 15.5 MPH exactly for me is when I get pushback on my OW+. I have pushed through it to 19mph but am a bit concerned by others having wipe-outs after pushback.

  • FM told me it is normal to experience pushback at 15 mph in Mission.

  • @CBR-954rr interesting. Being that the case, I find pushing through the 15mph pushback in Mission is relatively easy, just gotta put more into it on the front by leaning into it and/or holding firm on the front leg to keep the front footpad pressed down. Until you confirmed this I didn't even know Mission had pushback, I guess I've just been pushing through it without thinking about it much.

  • My board has pushback at 15.5 also I'm wondering if people who owned a v1 have no pushback and people who just got a plus have 15.5 pushback?

  • Isnt extreme mode meant for going the top speed limit?

  • @MarcusEvonblade said in Pushback in Mission shaping profile:

    Isnt extreme mode meant for going the top speed limit?

    The shaping modes are different on the OW+. Mission is the current equivalent to extreme .

  • I feel pushback at 15-16mph and you can definitely push through it. I've taken mine up to 20.4mph without issue but general thoughts around here are that anything over 22mph turns the board into a death trap. The keys to pushing through pushback and not nose diving are to push through it but not aggressively. I would pull out your phone on a nice even long stretch and watch you hit 16mph, and then gently lean in till you hit 17/18/19 to feel what it's like.

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