Anybody want a great idea??

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    How bout someone into making handles for the OneWheel look into incorporating something like the Garmin Chirp (gps tracker) into/on it. This product (OW) needs attention to security should the unforseen happen. Im guessing this would fall around the $100-$150 dollar price range, making it the most expensive (and most practical) accessory one could get.

    There you have it. An idea that could easily net the right person tremendous gains if executed properly.

    Now, off to ponder the next.....

  • That's. good but to me what would be ideal and cheaper would be for fm to edit the firmware so that you must put in a code on the app if that's even possible

  • The Garmin Chirp is not a GPS tracker - it is a geocaching beacon, only detectable within 10 meters.

    A GPS unit is larger and requires more power, which is why it is well suited for something like a car, which has a power source and plenty of space to securely mount it, but not a bicycle or Onewheel.

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    @iiikz youre exactly right about the Chirp, and youre also on to something with the current state of most gps devices....but thats where some people would stop thinking about it, and others will see a fun challenge to take on. The only difference is mindset.

  • @Rob-Strong There are other potential solutions coming - like the magpie kickstarter.

    But as an add-on the power is probably one of the biggest challenges. It's another thing to charge, and it needs to be accessible yet secure.

    As others have mentioned, the app is probably the way to go. Future Motion is already hosting a certain amount of infrastructure (storing rides, for instance) on their servers. If the app would log "last connection" data based on board serial number, it could at least store location info for when it connected to a phone. It might not be as regular as a dedicated GPS tracker, but would offer a similar level of information.

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