Foot sensor failing on V2

  • I've noticed that every time I ride I'll get a warning on the app about a failed foot sensor at xx mph. Also when I come to a stop and wait for a green light or what ever, I can feel the motor cutting in and out and sometimes will drop the board on me even when I have my foot planted firmly on the sensors.
    Anyone else experiencing this issue?

  • @jefflynn I also get a fair number of notifications saying my foot disconnected from the sensor, but have not had any issues with board performance and it hasn't cut out on me. If coming to a stop, your speed goes below .5mph (EDITED) and your foot is not on both sides of the sensor, the motor can turn off, that's normal. Misspoke earlier.

  • It shouldn't be normal to cut out if standing firmly on it while sitting still. I've even had it drop on me after hopping on and then trying to take off. I went flying forward of course.

  • @jefflynn - I agree with you. IF you are firmly planted as you say, it should not shut off while idling.

  • in my experience (OW+) it is not common to get warnings or motor shut offs when standing firmly on the board. I have never had the motor shut-off inadvertently while idling.

    in fact, it's probably a little more "stable" in that regard than OW, which is why so many folks had slight difficulties with the dismount.

  • @jefflynn I had a similar problem on my v2. Check the connectors from the pad to the board. Mine were loose causing intermittent problems.

  • @SkyPilot Good idea, I'll check those out.

  • @jefflynn Yeah this sounds wrong. If the connections seem fine, you probably have a faulty sensor.

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