Flying off OW+

  • I had ow+ for 3 days now and today was my first bad fall. I had it on mission, was going some 10 mph on a completely flat pavement, put the front foot down to accelerate fast and then the thing just stopped with me flying off. Is it possible to lean forward so much that the motor can't keep up, the nose touches the ground and you fly off? Because I could not find any other explanation for this, there was no bump and I had my front foot firmly on the pads.

  • @pinegreen Yes!!! it is possible to lean in to much or too fast.

    Since you've only had your board for 3 days, I would take it easy on the speed and get to know your board before achieving a new land speed record. I recommend learning to dismount and fall before pushing the board to it's limits.

  • I know, I know, in general I'm very risk averse, but I thought it just wouldn't realistically do that as long as you're in control. Thanks for your answer.

  • It's really easy to become overconfident with the board. I've had my OW+ for almost two weeks. Even though I tried to be cautious early on, I ended up doing the same thing after my first couple of rides and took some pretty rough spills. I've learned to take it a lot easier with acceleration and speed in general- especially when the battery is running low.

    Make sure to wear protective equipment- It's already saved me several times. The streets in my city are covered in potholes so I've set my board back to Cruz mode for now. I think this is supposed to be the "off road" setting. I'm envious of the riders in California with smooth blacktop to cruise on in Mission. I've read on the forums here that it's a good idea to practice riding switch early on so that you can reverse out of a bad situation if possible. It also helps to master your control over the board.

  • @pinegreen Overconfidence and learning curve are not the only causes of mysterious crashes. Sometimes the tech simply fails:

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