Bad Gyro (08) blinking on OW+

  • I just got my board back from FM today and got an almost tail dragging sensation when riding for over 30 minutes. I get off to see what's up and the power button is blinking 8 times. I turn it off and on, resets it. The owner's manual states that it is a bad gyro. This happened about 3 more times during an evening ride.

    The OW app stated, "An initialization test (gyro) did not succeed. Please switch Onewheel off and back on", several times. I didn't get thrown off, but the board just gave me maximum pushback. I guess it is good to get pushback than being thrown forward. I'm just frustrated that there might be another issue since I sent it to them for a battery control module that was covered by the warranty.

    Has anyone received the Bad Gyro error code?

  • @USN

    First time I read about it.
    Sucks that you may have to send it in again.
    Hope they offer you expedited service.

  • @sonny123 Thanks!

    I rode it today for a few miles then it started to act up (I got the error only after 50 feet). I had to take an Uber home. My wife is more pissed than me. She thinks for the cost and time spent waiting and recent warranty work things should be perfect with the OW+

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