Down time for tire change + power up ???

  • I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how long it took to get their board back from a tire change + power up, I think it was called. Basically diagnosis of electronics, swapping tire, wood and plastics. It's been there for three full weeks. Every time I inquire about it I get, should be next week, then, next week, then tomorrow,
    Then that said they are having an "event". I can only guess after reading through the forums that the problem with the 1+ it taking precedence. I guess from a business standpoint you can't tell folks the real reason, if my assumptions are correct, why their board is taking so long to do maybe 8hours of work. I have since looked up vids of people popping screws out and removing the wheel in minutes. I have changed the plastics and removed wood before.
    I thought it was the right move to send it back to them but now I'm regretting it.
    P.s. does anybody know if the new 1+ footpads will fit the older unit?

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