blinking slowly

  • I just got the board yesterday, and after less than an hour of use (and maybe 2 miles) it started pushing back to a ridiculous degree (like dragging the tail on the ground), then it seemed like the battery was dead. I changed it to extreme mode to get around the push back, and recharged it overnight. This morning it seemed okay on a 30 second run to the car. Later in the day now, the light slowly blinks and it hardly has enough guts to balance itself. It won't actually move. The motor just groans a bit as it tries to balance.

    I was hoping it would be a little awesomer. Has anyone experienced anything like this and found a fix? I have an email in to support@ also.

  • The "ridiculous" pushback is clearly the warning one. If it seemed like the battery was dead, then it's very much likely that it was the "battery low" pushback. When that kicks in you need to stop riding.

    The light pulses, when the board operates properly. Longer pulses indicates higher battery charge.

    That last thing about not moving and hardly balancing though. Nothing I've ever experienced or even heard of. That doesn't sound right at all.
    As the batteries work, it's either all or nothing really. It's not like the board should get "tired" towards the end.

  • Carly got back to me right away, now I'm going to send a video. It would kill me if I had to send it back to get fixed, but at least they are taking care of it.

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