Need more input...

  • Hey gentleman,

    I'm new to onewheeling. Grew up surfing and skateboarding and am now 45 years old.

    I ordered the + in January and got it in early May. I took it out the first day and ran the battery down and it wouldn't turn back on. I sent in to fm and they fixed it. According to them, it was "a component within the battery module".

    I got it back earlier last week and started shredding it up. I, like many of you, share all the positives of this tech. It's become therapy for me. It keeps me in the moment and gives a great endorphin release every session I go out.

    So here's a couple things I need your input on.

    1. it seems to do this wobble thing at times. It doesn't do it while carving and not while accelerating. Just going straight at level or maybe slightly leaned back. I can't tell if it's a tire issue. Maybe the psi? Or defective tire? Or the firmware? Or my own weight transfer/stance? Thoughts?

    2. I've had the infamous nosedive happen twice. Both times I was pushing through pushback and it just slammed forward. I will take the blame but help me understand. How does this happen? I'm in mission mode and I'm going around the max of 19 mph and I'm pushing through. Is that something that you just don't do? If u hit a bump does the firmware go wonky?

    I totally accept that I'm going to crash sometimes especially when approaching the edge of any sport. It's just part of the deal. But I'm just looking for some clarity I guess.

    Thanks guys. I appreciate the feedback.

    P.S. my safety equipment saved my ass. I ran both crashes out but the second one I couldn't keep my legs under me. I landed hard on my forward knee pad and then forward elbow and both wrist guards. The plastic was chewed up a bit on all of them.

    Highly recommend no matter how goofy you think you look.

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