Has anyone got fat driving a OW ?

  • all these LAST MILE TRANSPORT items are going to shorten our lifespans
    no question about that

  • My electric scooter cuts my car trips in more than half and get me to do errands I otherwise postpone.

    Onewheel is the difference between 2-3 daily rides to the park and being couch potato.

  • @sonny123 said in Has anyone got fat driving a OW ?:

    My electric scooter cuts my car trips in more than half and get me to do errands I otherwise postpone.

    Onewheel is the difference between 2-3 daily rides to the park and being couch potato.

    that is cool
    but it still won't make you healthier because there is absolutely no cardiovascular exercise involved.... except for the adrenaline rush of being "on the edge of death" more than any of us would like

  • @spalding12


    But there's got to be some calorie burning.
    Heck, I get a good night sleep. lol..

  • @sonny123 i agree with that
    no doubt about it
    my heart rate is up the whole time...
    from exercise? NO
    FROM FEAR..... LOL

  • One day last week I did 47 Miles on my OneWheel... ( i think that's my new 24h record)

    The next day or so my body certainly didn't feel like i'd just been lazing about..

    But yeah, the onewheel helps very little with cardio, but that's what Mountain Bikes were invented for.

  • Would be nice if FM offers an e scooter with same type of wheel.

  • @arnlej Great question. Even if it feels like we're not moving much on the OW, we are using our core muscles, as others have indicated. And if we're using those core muscles well, we don't have to use as many of the other muscles in our body, which means we are being more energy efficient. I'm not saying that would necessarily make us eat less--although it could--but there has to be some positive effect--improved metabolism?

    If there are no major signs of body transformation on the outside, I certainly believe there are significant changes on the inside--with the reference point being not OW-ing or not engaging in any major sports activity. No doubt about that. Have to respectfully disagree with @spalding12 on that one. Even if it doesn't make you lose weight, it can/will make you healthier--the benefits of engaging the core muscles is typically underestimated. And the OW is offering a pretty enchanting way of engaging those muscles..

  • Yes. I walk almost zilch now. In the two years I've owned the OW I have gained weight because of a lack of exercise. I thought this exact thought the other day "Have I put on weight becasue of the board or because of being a couple years older?" Who knows... No big deal... I'll just start eating less. Small price to pay for the best toy ever!! FYI: I still go to the gym about three times a week for cardo.

  • Have gained a lot of muscle mass since starting to ride the onewheel. I lug it up and down at least 16 flights a day (fml... but I'm having fun) so that is probably my cardio. The way I ride is very aggressive and has me sweating profusely

  • I ride my Onewheel to the gym :)

  • Because of OW I'm getting more vitamin D than I used to. Just today I was at the Detroit Slow Roll, if it wasn't for the OW I would have never gotten sun burnt! 😀

  • Come to think of it I not only gained weight sense I bought my first OneWheel I lost my close up vision. I blame OneWheel. Or it could be my age. Nearly 50. LOL

  • I got mine to strengthen my legs after a long period of bed rest...
    Totally worked better than I hoped. So, I got more fit...

  • Try doing squats on the onewheel while going around 10ish mph it's way harder than normal... the most body transformation I've seen which I'm trying to reduce is how many Injurys I have, I do a lot of boardsports; wakesurf, wakeboard, snowboard, longboard, skateboard, and onewheeling. So it kinda sucks especially for wateraports that I have so many open wounds while I'm In the lake behind the boat or at the cable park. I am looking to get into some wakesurfing competitions so I don't really need tons of open wounds while I'm competing... so I'm getting elbow pads and wrist guards. But seriously try doing squats while cruising on the onewheel. Or go to a playground jump from the onewheel onto like a bar you can to pull-ups on it's pretty fun to do that.

  • @HansBoobie I ride mine to the gym too.

  • I ride mine to the pizza shop.


  • @sonny123 That fork and knife on your pizza slice is a confession to a crime.

  • @shattle

    lol.. Mind you, it's the first time I try caesar salad slice. Not bad.

  • Little carving on the +
    Guy on the bicycle at the end is waiting for his +, due end of June.
    Heck I'll have someone to ride with...


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