Best grip tape for regriping board?

  • Hey on both of my plus boards boath with fenders the grip tape is peeling and has ripped off in some places too, it doesn't look so good and I wanted some info on what the best brand of grip that won't peel. A lot of the people here use vicious grip but just thought a thread with everybody's ideas might be useful, might also be nice if somebody could give some instructions on how to do it, o have gripped skateboards and don't think it will be too different but I want it to look good. And also is regriping something that could void the warranty on my boards? If so I will just get some new pads regrip what I have and if I have to send it back I will put the new ones on before I send it in ;-)

  • Re-gripping will void the warranty on the sensor. Not the whole board.. I use vicious grip.. works great.. down side is it wears out your sneakers much faster.. It hurts like hell too on your knuckles and toes if brushed against it 😂😂

  • @OffRoadOW It definitely will void your footpads warranty according to what I was told by FM.. also they will not have replacement foot pads for the plus available for purchase for at least 4-6 months as they are all being used for new boards.. But they are refurbishing footpads and swapping them if needed also they will regrip it for you according to what I was told on the phone.

  • Just the warranty on the pads. I asked FM and the board is still under warranty if you regrip.

  • @8bit thanks that helps so if my board is damaged from a sensor problem and I regripped than no bueno with the warranty business. If you have regripped can you please share what grip you used?

  • @njcustom thanks I think I might try vicious. Seems like the way to go because everybody uses it, I skateboard and all that so my shoes get pretty beat up anyways....
    have you ever had the grip wear a hole through your shoe and screw up one of your toes, that used to always hapen to me while skating and something's the onewheel would finish it off but that, that really sucks. Couldn't ride one time for a week, I could ride but couldn't do toeside turns and kinda defeated me riding because any weight on t hurt, kept getting notifications foot is not activating one sensor.😂

  • @GlueBreath did they say if they would regrip for free? And would you have to send in the whole board or just the pads? Would probably do it one board at a time so I'm not withought a onewheel.

  • @OffRoadOW just the footpad(s).. and I wasn't told of any cost other then maybe shipping? Either way I was bringing up the issue of no replacements and the grip tape bubbling up on the sensor side and that's what I was told..They have my OW+ in for repair atm so I haven't gotten that far but feel free to call them and confirm.

  • Has anyone seen under the grip tape on the plus foot pads sensor yet?.pics?.

  • @OffRoadOW I have wore some shoes down to nothing but never to my toes 😂😂😂😂

  • Just happened to another pair of shoes, it's normally under my heel or big toe... my big toe is shredded and I need new socks now 😭 Would share pics of the shoe and my toe but... tossed the shoes and we all know how uploading photos is on this forum anyway. One of my friends had about 3 holes in his shoe, pinkie toe big toe and heel, he dident have the money to get new shoes because he had to get a new skateboard, he just carried a roll of duct tape around from the dollar store and put some on when the tape wore out or fell off 😂 His feet looked like hell.

  • @Username / Website said:

    he dident have the money to get new shoes because he had to get a new skateboard

    Haha, that's the spirit :)

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