Editing software?

  • Hi Guys,

    I bought me a cheapass action camera (gopro style) to see if it would be fun making videos on the OW. You guys inspire me with your cool vids!
    Now, what kind of (free) editing software do you use? (not wanting to spend a lot of money for now...)
    Please let me know!

  • I work with magix video deluxe since 10 years now ;) not free but cheap and simple to use(work with 2K&4K)...limited about visual effect and option but again, simple to use...you know my vids, if you just need to cut raw footage and add music and title I recommend you this one...
    If you need more, you have to pay more ;)

  • @Polle I haven't posted OW clips on this forum but every once in a while I do put together a YouTube clip with iMovie. It comes free on Macs or iPads these days and is pretty basic but user friendly..

  • @fabuz Thanks, I will check it!
    @SaturnOne unfortunately I don't own any Apple products... But thanks anyway

  • Believe it or not, first time filming, my OW died on me!
    First time in 1000+ km...
    I got 16 blinks, won't charge anymore.

  • @Polle If you are using Microsoft Windows, they have their own free editing software, Windows Movie Maker. It was discontinued earlier this year for a new product to be released soon, but is readily available and easy to use.

    Not saying it's the best, but it's probably already installed and easy to use.

  • @iiikz thx!

  • @Polle Man, I hope you'll be back in business soon!! 👊🏽🍀

  • . Get a Mac product
    2. Use movie maker
    3. You wil. Thank me

    The Mac products are so much farther superior in editing.

    I'm pretty sure you still got Windows movies maker, it may be an additional download from windows iPads.... k:(

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