Mode descriptions

  • Excited to get my board but it's a month out. Is there a description of the different modes anywhere?

  • On the app it tells you for every one, you can't see until you get your board but when you are changing modes there is a little question mark in the bottom right that tells you the descriptions

    Sequoia tops out at 12 it's for pavement riding no trail

    Cruz tops out at 15 and is basically like the v1 it is for some trail and pavement

    Mission tops out at 19 it is a fast accelerating super mode that is for trail pavement and mostly anything

    The new mode that is in development

    Delerium will top out at 20 it is for trail riding and some pavement but it's for those daredevils that just can't get enough speed.

    That's all the modes for now and their general descriptions hope this helped.

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