water in the charging port :(

  • I just emailed this sad, admittedly verbose, question to Future Motion and await their response...

    "I hate to be without it (especially after waiting so long to receive it in the first place) but I believe I should perhaps send my OW+ to the factory for service. Please let me know your opinion and approximately how long I might be without it. Thanks

    I was at the beach last week (annual family vacation) in Cape San Blas, Florida. I took the OW+ with me to ride on the virgin asphalt in the new gated neighborhood where we rented a house with two other families. There was also a large green (flat grass area) where I could ride. But eventually I was too tempted to ride on the beach, and having seen so many videos of people riding on the beach in California, I did so. I stayed mostly out of the deep soft sand and never touched the water but stayed in the hard recently wet sand. I did this on one day only and at the end of the beach riding, back at the rental house, I decided to fresh water rinse the entire board (while it was powered off) using the gentle shower setting on the hose nozzle. I did so from probably all sides and thoroughly. Then I leaned it against the wall until the next day and did not turn it back on until I thought it was good and dry. I did not attempt to charge it again while out of town. But…

    1. I failed to put a piece of tape over the power button while sand riding and while rinsing. I don’t think this seems to have caused any issue.
    2. I had upon receiving the board also purchased NDM/XLR dummy plugs and had (and have had before and after) one installed but sadly it came partially out while I was riding and allowed sand into the charging port. I should have taped the plug in place before beach riding. I didn’t notice the plug partially out and sand in the port until I was rinsing at the rental house. Now I had a decision to make and I probably made the wrong one. I should have waited until I could use compressed air to clean out the port but I decided to go ahead and spray it out with water right then and there. Remember the board was off and I didn’t turn it back on until the next day when it was dry. I also didn’t charge it again until I got home several days later. When I did turn it on the next day it functioned normally and has continued to do so. When I got home and charged it the next time and the next time after that it charged fully and normally with exceptions. I have not yet charged it again after the two times.

    Here are the exceptions which have been the same both times I have charged it after rinsing the port:
    One: When I plug the cord from the adapter (which I keep permanently plugged into the wall) into the board there is a small but distinctly audible pop which had never occurred before.
    Two: After plugging it in the power button light displays the normal charging pattern but also “superimposed” on that pattern it also displays a faint rapid stuttering flashing.
    Again thus far on the two charging attempts post rinsing of the port it has taken a 100% charge according to the app and has operated normally while riding. But the little pop sound as it gets plugged in concerns me as does the anomalous blinking. Not knowledgeable about circuits but sounds indicative of a short and I wonder if it could cause problems in the future.

    Please tell me if I should send the board in (please consult with one of your technicians as appropriate) and please estimate how long it might be before Future Motion might ship it back to me after servicing.

    Thanks very much!
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    Serial number image attached
    Missing it already (and I still have it and its seems operational)"

  • @FCH I had this happen with my V1 after riding out in rain and going thru puddles then plugging it in almost everytime, and I have had zero issues after over 1000 miles and many charge cycles.. it's moisture in the charging port.. same thing if you have excess rH at home and you plug something in to an outlet you get the same noise/spark at times.. once it fully dries it will stop doing it.. you should be fine.. the fact that it takes the charge and is still working as normal you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

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  • @GlueBreath Its been a week since I sprayed water in there but ok i like your comment. That being the case, think I should use a hair dryer on low maybe from a foot away and send some hot dry air in there? Thanks

  • @FCH It might speed up the process.. as long as you didn't submerge the board in water you shouldn't​ have to take any extreme steps.. it only takes a little moisture in there to cause a spark/noise.. give it sometime and I'm sure it will be fine.. I seriously ride in rain all the time and I don't even bother with that xlr dummy plug as it falls out randomly.. things are working just fine for a year now.

  • Since day one of getting my + and pretty much every plug I have tried, it almost always makes that pop sound and you can see a little spark as you plug it into the wall. I wouldn't worry too much about that.

  • Yeah, you may not have noticed that pop sound before, but it's always there on all the boards since day one. There have been discussions about it on this forum.

    The consensus is: always plug the charging cable into your OW first, then the wall. That way you don't get the spark/pop on the Onewheel end.

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