Why you texting and driving?

  • Today I was out riding I was going back home and had to cross a 4 lane street, no biggie push the crosswalk button when you have the green you go... not that simple I have crossed this street millions of times with the onewheel and now since school has let out about 5 cars have come pretty close to me within the past week because they were texting and driving, I haven't gotten hit or anything but it's going to happen eventually. People always are turning left or right and going through a crosswalk when I have the go ahead on the crosswalk thingy. Most of the people who are doing this and almost hit me are texting and driving or texting while there is some distraction that keeps them from not hitting me. I'm fed up with people not giving a crap than going off on me for their mistakes. I mentioned in another thread about a guy on a Harley smashing the texting drivers mirror after coming within a couple inches of me. It's just a matter of time before I get hit, does anybody have any suggestions for helping these idiots realized they are controlling a couple thousand pound junk of metal that could smush me and my 20lb onewheel...
    has anybody had similar issues, I was thinking an air horn might be a much for riding now, tell people they are idiots and just play around with a horn all day, scare some people walking dogs or something 😂
    People just need to look up once and a while, and for those few wondering and about to suggest I do wear a really bright orange hoodie most of the time or something bright especially at night.
    The only thing I don't understand is why they lose their cool on me... I clearly have the go ahead.

  • @OffRoadOW All valid points. Thanks for bringing this up.
    I certainly don't have the one big solution.
    I do know I usually check, and re-check,
    left and right when I cross or turn,
    because yes they don't always see us.
    We are "something" that they are not used to, that they don't expect.
    You'd think that is making us an easy target to spot and to be seen,
    even without a bright orange hoodie,
    but I guess in some cases the opposite is happening.

  • I certainly don't recommend a air horn, as some idiot will think it's the car behind wanting them to go. And then they release the brake and game over you lose.

    I too have this same problem, not just on the OW, but walking as well. I carry a flash light with a strobe feature. When I see a distracted driver I shine the strobe at them. And oh yes it gets their attention really quick.

    I thought about a strobe on the OW, but the problem is the light needs to be eye level or higher with the driver.

    Just my thoughts.

  • I like the air horn idea and I'm always thinking "Man, I wish I had an air horn" when I'm riding.

    Especially with all the oblivious idiots meandering around on the sidewalks with earbuds in, texting and walking as slowly and as unpredictably as humanly possible, who will suddenly decide they need to be right in front of you right as you're about to pass them. Many of them you could swear MUST HAVE seen you coming. How can people miss a guy riding a Onewheel coming at them 4x the speed they're walking from 10 feet away??

    But also with cars. I've had countless near-misses that have made me look at the driver as I passed in front of them as if to say "are you effing kidding me?" They usually have a "sorry, I'm an idiot" look on their face, and I'll have a "yes I know" look on mine.

  • I throw large rocks at their windshield. Always does the trick...

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL seems like it would work wonders for my problem... 😂

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