Unusual questions asked by random strangers

  • "I thought I was seeing stuff..."

    A guy driving by on a Saturday night...

  • Riding past a pub with my son - a guy sitting at an outside table jumps up and points and yells, "Whoa!!! They're wizards!!!"

  • @wheeler said in Unusual questions asked by random strangers:

    "Dude,do an ollie!"
    "Wheres the motor in that thing?"
    "Where'd you buy that?"

    One of my co-workers annoys me. He's like, "Go as fast as you can!" and "Jump some curbs."

  • @hekkubus Or "Do a handstand!" What do people think we are, circus performers? Nobody asks people riding longboards to do tricks.

  • I think I have slight air leak and been holding off sending it in.
    Yesterday I took a portable bicycle pump with me and half way back, I had to pump the tire a bit.
    Couple people passed by me with the look,
    "what the fu** is that guy doing..???"

  • @sonny123 Don't send it back just yet, buy a can of slime and squeeze 4oz into the wheel. That usually fixes most leaks.

  • I tried it and I think it helped.
    But having bought it used, the threads are slightly showing.
    Gonna try to get by on it as long as I can.
    Dunno what I'll do without it for 2 weeks. lol

  • @sonny123 Wow, you have to put quite a few miles on it for the threads to show... I hope it's still under warranty!

  • I think the previous owner did quite a bit of ripping on it.
    Ironically, range is unaffected and never had a single issue with it.
    Runs like a charm.
    Not to mention I did plenty of slow speed carving trying to get the hang of it.
    The white threads are in few spot on the edge, not in center.

  • 0_1462564638538_0506161555_resized.jpg

  • I've heard all of the usual questions and remarks to kickflip!, but the other day a little boy with his family yelled " now that's just lazy!" That's the funniest one I've heard

  • @donny-h Lazy?? I wonder if he yells that at people in cars or on motorcycles, too.

  • @poopmonkey I kinda like it.

    We ride a robust monster, not a fragile ipad with a wheel in the middle

  • Yesterday, I was riding around the park across from my house, and I stupidly rode by the playground. Middle-school aged kid comes up as I ride by and yells, "Let me ride it!"
    Me: Nope as I start by.
    Him (more forcefully): Let me ride it!
    Me: Nope
    Another kid tries to cut me off: Let me ride!
    Me: Nope
    Other Kid (starts to chase me): I'll catch you when you come back around.

    Kids have no manners these days.

  • I get the same comments and questions as you guys;

    Sick board
    Whered you get it
    How much
    Did you make it yourself

    Its mostly pre teens and other kids that when they see me riding it and if they are with their parents they tell them they need that board. I overheard a little girl say it to her mom yesterday and so i turned around and asked the mother if her daughter would like to try it (she had a helmet and gear on from riding a scooter). Her mom said yea so i let the girl try it out by holding her hands so she could balance and try it out. Im pretty sure it made her day.

  • @forzabucks Dude I just tell them straight up about the price, and the response is "REALLY? OMG. ID NEVER PAY THAT"

    Then I provide an equal response to make them feel dumb:

    "What do you mean? This is nothing but pure f*****g genius and magic. You obviously can't stop your impulsive and ignorant mouth from spouting out some unjustified opinion, you dont deserve one either." rides away "Made in the USA!"

  • Not gonna lie but that wouldnt make me feel dumb. Itd make you look like an ass. Ive told people how much it is and yea they are shocked by the price. Then i say its worth it because of how fun this is as well as built with very good quality and only takes 20 min to charge up.

    Just my 2 cents

  • @juts i don't understand how everyone says this thing charges in 20 minutes. I have two OWs and they both take over 30 minutes to charge from dead.

  • @dcosmos ive timed mine everytime and mine charges within 10-20 min. 20 min from it being with 1-3% battery left

  • @juts I've timed mine as well. Always just over 30 minutes. It's not such a concern that I would want to send them back. I just thought it was hype like a car's mpg given by the manufacturer. However, I've heard multiple people claim the 20 minute recharge time is real. I also figured that they don't ride until low-battery-pushback like I do.

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