Unusual questions asked by random strangers

  • @dcosmos yea sounds like you ride until nothing. I ride until it looks like its within 1-3% left.

  • I had 5 people just today ask me if i made it lol

  • I honestly can feel the battery out, you start noticing it getting weaker and less responsive. Time to charge.

  • As I was riding off the train platform this morning, a homeless guy said "That's new right there!"

  • "It's like you're flying..."

    As I passed by a grinning girl... :)

  • Some guy said "The future is here" as I rode by him the other day.

  • Some kid said matter-of-factly, "Yeah, that's a Onewheel", like he called it first but no big deal but really a big deal.

  • I was riding around Boston when a guy who was in the middle of (I kid you not) installing metal rails on smooth granite walls "so people like me wouldn't grind on them" said to me, "That thing would be really cool if it had a motor in it."

    ...What did he think it was running on, witchcraft???

    He was actually pretty cool once I stopped to explain it to him and promised not to grind on the benches XD

  • @1woman1wheel now that you mention it, the whole motor thing is something that has to be explained to everyone. Anyone watching you accelerate or go uphill will understand there is a motor but even they cannot understand how it works. It's the people you are riding in a smooth motion around or are just balancing that don't realize it is motorized.

    Mine is in for a tire change needed because of riding too long on too low psi. Hoping for a quick turnaround. Make sure to check your psi regularly and keep it at or above 15.

  • The first question I am always asked is "Did you make that?" as everyone has been saying. It annoys me, but I do recognize that it's because they haven't seen one before and they feel it's such a good idea, the should have seen plenty of them by now.

    The next is often "How much?" which I hate answering. I prefer to answer "Is it worth $1500" which has been yelled at me, to which I proudly proclaim "HELL YEA!!"

    My favorite so far is "I ain't never seen one of those before never!" Nearly fell off laughing.

  • @miketech I had a little kid (maybe 8 years old) come up to me and said it looked really cool. He said "Is it expensive?" I said yes. He said, "Is it more than a thousand?"

    That was closer than most any adult has ever come to guessing the price.

  • " Hoverboard 4.0..."

    As I passed by 2 teenagers playing baseball..
    Sounded about right.
    I think Kyle locked that thing from all angles that there's no need for V2 for a while.
    Range is more than I need for one shot ride and it charges faster than I'm ready for round 2.

  • @sonny123 I would ask for swappable batteries

  • @Franky Since so many people asked about the motor, I started just working it into the intro speech whenever people ask me about it. But now I have people getting offended that I assumed they were too dumb to realize there was a motor. Can't win. I think from now on I'll just stick with the "witchcraft" explanation.

  • I find all the usual Q/A sessions as opportunities to treat everyone else as if they are me living another life
    The best is letting that kid try it out who's old enough to get it but not yet to have one. You can sure buy a trainload of stuff that looks a lot like happiness for 1500 bucks

  • Today, as I passed a traffic warden:
    "Slow down, sir"

    Not a question but it made me grin hard 😁

  • Riding yesterday I thought how great of an idea

    It's witchcraft.... That wicked witchcraft.... Oh crazy witchcraft.... Do do do witchcraft :)

    Again that's why we need the Dukes of hazard horn, cause when your kind of not in the mood and people have that dumbfounded look as you pass by you can just rock that horn...
    Hit them with https://youtu.be/zAKksqKR3pI

  • Some kids pulled up alongside me and shouted out the window of their car, "I could catch so many Pokemon on that thing! What is it???"

    That's EXACTLY what I was using it for at the time, too 😂

  • @1woman1wheel Eyes on the road! ;)

  • @1woman1wheel said in Unusual questions asked by random strangers:

    Some kids pulled up alongside me and shouted out the window of their car, "I could catch so many Pokemon on that thing! What is it???"

    That's EXACTLY what I was using it for at the time, too 😂

    ha ha... Perfect!

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