Unusual questions asked by random strangers

  • A lady asked me if I built it my self lol.

  • Yesterday a car stopped in the middle of the road and the passenger nearly jumped out the window to yell "I need one of those! What is it??"

  • The most asked question is: "What is that?" followed by "Did you build it?". LOL

  • The one we all know is going to get the same reply from now on. I did a trade, or I won it in a raffle..😏

  • @andyb living in Nothern Ireland I get all the usual questions..
    Lots of "wow that's so cool" and "did you built that yourself"

    Today I had 3 30-40 year old men shout. "Go for it Marty" lol

  • Not a question, but I was riding uphill in the dark tonight with the headlights on, and an old woman standing outside a library yelled out, "That's rule!"

  • Nothing unusual here other than what people have already said. I try and be nice but then you get the "how much does it cost" question and that is starting to bug me. I have had countless idiots complain about the cost to me and get all indignant about it like I made a bad choice or have something to do with the cost. People actually think the OW is around 200 to 300 dollars. SMH...

  • @ElectricHippy Yeah I hate that question too, especially when it's the first and only question by some sketchy looking stranger. I've had some tweaker tell me he could make one for a lot less. Well then you should do that and sell them, then you could stop stealing money from your parents to buy meth.

  • @Code-ster I get that all the time too. I think that's a strange one.

  • I was riding some walking trails around a frisbee GC and this guy shouts inquisitively "how do you do that?"

    I always love to see people turn as I ride by and say
    "What is that?"
    "Whoa did you see that"
    "Oh that's cool"

    i was riding in a park and this guy says
    "Man that's really cool, it's fun watching you ride"

  • @ryan1Auburn Yeah, "How do you ride that?" is always a confusing one, especially when people yell it out as you're riding by. I've said "Like this!" in response a few times.

  • @ElectricHippy "It's cool, but not $1500 cool."
    I get that one from a lot of people. Those comments are subjective and I try to let them go. (If I didn't get the great deal I did from my dad, I wouldn't have shelled out the money in one lump sum with student loans still on the table.)
    I do get a little annoyed though when people knock on MY purchase. I ride it to work, I don't have to drive my car, buy gas, pay for maintenance. If you want to get all hippie, we have a much smaller footprint on the world. Plus, we're boundlessly more bad ass than every one else. Haters gon' hate.
    alt text

  • I'm feeling part of the club now... I got the 'did you make that?' question yesterday! I'm wondering too, are we attention junkies? Are these comments our drug? As I'm still getting comfortable riding I actually find I enjoy the quieter times when there are less onlookers but will admit that getting a comment from a passer by is a bit of a rush. Then there's the ones that don't even seem to notice me and I almost want to stop and say 'hey, are you seeing this?? cool eh?' (yes, I'm Canadian)

  • @PeterG whenever I'm taking a short breather I'm always glad to wrap with anyone who's geeked about the board, but I like to keep the convos short and sweet so I can get on with my ride. Some folks really like to keep on talking about it so I nip that in the bud with something like 'here I'll show you' (and then I just ride away and flash a thumbs-up).

  • @PeterG I actually have a huge fear of being the center of attention, and it was one of the biggest hurdles when ordering my Onewheel (aside from the money). But I had to have one, so I ordered it. But while I was waiting for it to arrive (which back then was a 1.5 months), I'd try to imagine riding through the crowded sidewalks in the city where I work (Pasadena) on something that I knew would draw pretty much EVERYONE'S attention to me, and I'd have these minor freak outs. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to do it, and I'd end up having to sell it.

    Then it arrived, and I rode it. After that, I didn't give a rat's ass how many people watched me, because this thing is the most amazing vehicle I've ever been on, and if everyone's eyes are on me while I'm riding, I'm fine with it. I've actually come to thrive on it, and it just makes me ride faster and take on every sidewalk like it's the world's biggest obstacle course, and the jealousy of all the suckers on foot just gives me more strength, like spinach to Popeye.

  • I enjoy all the comments, including the idiots that think $1500 is too much to pay. What they really mean is 'I need to get me a new job'. I usually jump off and tell them to try it out if they think it's over priced, those that do eat their words. They're the same jokers that think we're riding a lazy-man's skateboard, or want to see an ollie...

    Sometimes the looks you get are better than any words. My favorites are the side head tilt as you go by, as if to say, 'am I really seeing this?'. Or even better, the onlooker that doesn't want to look directly at the board, but tries to peak out of the corner of their eye as you zip by. Then you turn back to see them stopped in the middle of the sidewalk with their jaw dropped.

  • @groovyruvy Hahah!!! I do the "Let me show you" and flash a thumbs up too!

    @thegreck I actually started doing small runs in low population areas/trails because of the same thing. I don't like going out to eat alone. In fact, I don't like doing much alone. The OneWheel was a fear at first but the more comfortable I got on it and with it, the less I started caring about what other people were thinking and instead let my mind free with the wind.

    I had one guy stare out the window of his gf's car, look me straight in the eyes, and go, "Tits man. That is tits." No smile, just plain faced. It was one of the most awkward social interactions I ever had.

    Had two other little boys stop me and ask about it, fi they could ride, so and so. Then the 'How much is it' question.
    I told them, 1500
    One hundred fifty?
    No no, one thousand five hundred
    WITHOUT SKIPPING A BEAT this little boy goes, "We're doing a fundraiser do you have any cash?" With his hands out. I couldn't help but laugh as I rode away.

  • Tits is the ultimate compliment from a bro...think about it. Doesn't get much better than tits...

  • @jordo said in Unusual questions asked by random strangers:

    Or even better, the onlooker that doesn't want to look directly at the board, but tries to peak out of the corner of their eye as you zip by. Then you turn back to see them stopped in the middle of the sidewalk with their jaw dropped.

    Yeah, I work at a big company with a lot of engineers and programmers, so there are a lot of shy, awkward people roaming the streets around the building when I leave or come to work. I see a lot of people who you can tell are trying very, very hard to just keep looking forward and not look at the Onewheel; so much that it's funny. I want to yell, "Whatever you do, don't look at the Onewheel!" when I pass them.

  • @thegreck You should put eyes on the back of your helmet (or shirt) with the phrase, "I see you lookin'" or something like that haha

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