Unusual questions asked by random strangers

  • @BadWolf said:

    @njcustom said:

    @thegreck alot of people ask if I made it.. It's the most asked question for me..

    Same here. We must look like Tony Stark.

    I'm going to start telling people that's my name when they ask that. LOL

  • @BadWolf said:

    @njcustom said:

    @thegreck alot of people ask if I made it.. It's the most asked question for me..

    Same here. We must look like Tony Stark.

    Haha! What's weird is I've actually been told that I look like Robert Downey Jr. so many times that whenever someone says "You know who you look like?" I always know what they're going to say next. I don't really see it, but I've even had a stranger who thought I WAS him, and refused to believe me when I said I wasn't!

  • @BadWolf said:

    All we need now is a hoddie with a text on the back "Im riding a Onewheel"

    Add to the beginning of that... "Don't bother me"

  • @thegreck Dude can you post a pic of your face? I love dopplegangers lol

  • @Electric-Slide ha ha I think

    "Don't Bother me....It's called a onewheel"

    sounds perfect!

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  • @Code-ster said:

    @andyb The most common weird question I get is "Did you make that?" I guess I must look like an ultra talented individual :sunglasses:

    ^ This

  • @erikbsteele said:

    @thegreck Dude can you post a pic of your face? I love dopplegangers lol

    My wife and I at a Christmas party:


  • @thegreck whoa. i can definitely see the resemblance. Walk around wearing a Bruce Lee shirt on turntables and you will get asked for autographs!

  • It's been a slow couple of months for me and my board in WI, but just got to Marco Island tiger tail beach for vacation. Took it for one ride down the beach and have to say riding in sand was more amazing than I expected. It probably helps a lot that the shoreline of compacted sand is pretty wide but riding across soft sand was simple too. Right now the beach is really busy and I was cruising while carving the shoreline and around people. As I was riding about every second or two I'd hear people say to one another "look at that" or "what is that". I'm used to first time reactions and answering question but I'm pretty sure I just exposed many thousands of people to onewheel because of how many were on the beach. Stopped a few times to answer more in depth question but eventually just had to smile and keep riding.

  • I was riding around a park today and passed a couple of guys who were heading for their car. One of them said "What the heck??" And the other one said "That's SICK!"

  • @thegreck holy crap! I know you! haha I knew your name sounded familiar, I had to look through my old emails to make sure. Turns out I freelanced edited with you at Systemmax like 2-3 years ago haha

    • Brandon Braswell

    So funny to find you on here of all places! I wish I had my board back then! Haha that office and parking lots would be too fun :+1:

  • What surprised me the most riding thru public parks is not what comments bit which comments by whom:

    Kids / teenagers: just stare

    Old adults: "that's so cool" / "does that have a motor?"

    Seniors / Elderly: "that looks like so much fun, how does it work?"

    Frankly I expected the latter to not really like my riding thru a public park but they of all age categories stopped me the most time to have a full conversation about the OW, how it works. No complaints from them whatsoever.

  • Some lady asked me if my OW was a ghetto version of a hoverboard.. Kinda pissed me off but I nicely said no its the other way around

  • @rainynite Same here! I'm expecting them to tell me to slow down or something, but they usually just light up and tell me how fun it looks. Generally with a bit of sadness that they might be too old to ride one. :disappointed:

  • There's this hilarious Sri Lankan shop owner on Brick Lane (London) who's been trying to catch me for the last 10 days, i can tell he wanted to ask all sorts of questions... but unfortunately for him, he missed me every time I passed (as I'm always gunning it waaaay too hard loool) So yesterday evening time...it was pretty quiet....and he heard me coming ( OW sounds a bit like the new R2D2 in SW: Force Awakens) so he sprinted out from the shop & yelled "HEEEEEYYYYY!! How did you make this one!?!?" I looked back at him & casually said: "Genius ;-)"

    Then he's like "HEEEEEEYYYY!!!?"

    Hahaha too jokes....

  • I was riding around a tiny local park yesterday and a 10-year-old kid asked me "Can I ride it?"

    Can you ride it?? No, you can't ride it... I'M riding it! Haha. Get your own, kid.

  • My mother in law asked me how high it could fly - really :-)

  • Had 2 people within 10 minutes of each other ask how much it costs. That's the most annoying question to me. "It's called a OneWheel... if you want to know how much it costs, Google it!"

    One of them was a stranger in a sketchy part of town who yelled it out to me. That's all he wanted to know! Not what is it, not how it works, just how much it costs. Makes me worried why he wants to know. And like that's something I want to announce!

  • I get asked so much now and people want to ride it I just say "battery is almost dead" ha!

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