Unusual questions asked by random strangers

  • There are very few adults that have asked to ride so when they do I will cautiously let them ride. Kids on the other hand "NO!"

  • I was late for the train tonight (missed it by SECONDS!!) and flew by some kid on a corner on a skateboard who yelled out "How do you ride that thing?" I didn't have time to answer him, but I was thinking to myself "Just like this."

  • @Code-ster 3/3 questions I have been asked so far are that. "Did you make that?"

  • @skylarmb Someone pulled up beside me as I was riding tonight and asked me "Did you make that yourself?" Seems that question is by far the most asked one, and it seems so f@cking weird to me.

    My wife asked me why it bugs me so much that people ask me that, and I said "Because I paid $1,500 for this thing!"

  • @thegreck soon,plus 1500 for "madame" looool

  • I get asked the "Did you make that thing"? Moving forward I'm going to create some huge convuluted story of how I did it and I'm a nuclear physiscist and I partnered with Elon Musk of Tesla and if you buy a tesla you'll get a free onewheel. I told one of my buddies wives how the special forces were using onewheels to go after ISIS in stealth mode and it almost stuck. Gullible! haha

  • @atl1wheelin ha ha ha .....That is Awesome. I love it.

  • @thegreck I hear you. I end up trying to explain in way too much detail how sophisticated the engineering really is. I guess I'm flattered that people think I could make it myself.

  • #1 question I get... "Did u make that?" 🙄

  • Pre-teens kids: "oh shit! You have one of those?!"
    Adults: "wow...did you MAKE that!?"

    Answer to both emphasized by the Doppler affect as I fly past: "Yeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!"

  • I got "Nice onewheel" today, it made me smile and some kid later on said "see that thing dad" ha ha I think they saw me earlier.

  • @Dude said:

    I got "Nice onewheel" today, it made me smile

    Yeah it's crazy how rare it is to have someone actually know what it is! I think that's happened maybe 3 times since I started riding it.

  • I'm guessing the reason people think we made it is that they cannot imagine that this amazing product exists and have heard something about it. It is pretty strange how out of the mainstream ow is especially now that there are thousands out being ridden.

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    I'm not a rocket scientist here, but if 99.99999999999% of users claim the most asked question they get is 'did you make that?' It's because it looks 10000000000000% homemade.

    Note to manufacturer: IT DOESNT SOUND LIKE USERS ARE THRILLED WITH THE FACT THAT EVERYONE THINKS THE BOARD THEY JUST DROPPED $1500 ON IS A HOMEMADE GARAGE PROJECT. I KNOW ID FEEL THE SAME (Just an on topic observation about the design appearance and peoples reaction. Clearly everyone loves riding it)

  • @poopmonkey I partially agree with this, but I think another part of it is that it's very simple in concept (to the naked eye, it's a Go-Kart wheel in the middle of an industrial-looking deck) and also because they've never seen one before, so they assume we made it.

    Even though I do take issue with spending so much money on something that people keep asking me if I made, I also hate to think of how cheesy it would have to look for people NOT to ask me that. I really like the super-simple industrial look (although I would prefer an all matte-black version, which I've already modded mine to be) over something corny and "futuristic" looking.

  • @poopmonkey (I forgot to make part of my point) I think the main problem is that so few people have heard of the OneWheel, so once Future Motion starts advertising better and as more and more people own them and they become more commonplace, people will likely stop asking that question.

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  • @poopmonkey Yes, I agree with that. I'm interested to see what version 2 ends up looking like. I have faith that Kyle will keep it cool and stay far away from cheesy, but that there will be stylistic and aesthetic changes from the current version that will cut down on the "did you make that thing?" comments.

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    Sounds logical. I can't imagine the manufacture would wan't that to be the public perception either. A fascinating and interesting topic of discussion however to have been able to discover this common denominator among users. I like the look of it really, after looking at it more I think the big exposed wheel contributes largely to the homemade question. When the fender is on I feel it looks less like a homemade board and more like something you bought. This forum is like a goldmine for the manufacturer.

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    @thegreck I'd probably mod mine to flat black too. Do you know if the lights are able to be turned off? I have an aversion to using lights (unless for function at night) because otherwise I personally feel it's unnecessary flash that cheapens the appearance of what stands on it's own merit simply because it's awesome. Plus I like to attract as little attention as possible and I know riding a onewheel in los angeles is already going to attract plenty of attention with the lights off.

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