Unusual questions asked by random strangers

  • @poopmonkey Yes, you can turn them on and off from the app. I always have mine turned off, unless night riding.

  • Stopping by for ice cream. Not much questions but many 'what the hell is this' looks...

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  • A few comments from my cruising around the neighborhood this weekend:

    1. Guy riding a bike (raising his fist in the air): "We're living in the future!"

    2. Man slowing down his black SUV to figure out what the hell I'm riding: "Is that thing as hard as it looks?"

    3. Little girl being pushed by her father in a stroller: "Daddy, can I get one of those someday?"

    Also I startled about half a dozen squirrels. I love the pause when they're trying to decide whether I'm something they have to get out of the way of or not. They always make the right decision, but after a moment of incredulity.

  • This isn't really a question, but an engineer at my wife's office was looking at the Onewheel logo and pointed out that the O with the line through it is the symbol for zero, which, digitally speaking, is the opposite of one. Seemed a bit nerdy, but also a valid point.

  • I got "What the f*ck is that homie?" from a teenage stoner on a skateboard as I rode past him on the street yesterday.

  • Having had the "did you make that..." question dozens of times, and stopped to talk most of the time, I think its absolutely confirmed that they ask not because they think it looks like some cheesy garage project, but rather its because they can't image that such a thing could exist (and can be bought commercially) if they never heard of it.

  • @SeaP90d Yeah, it bugged me for a while that people thought my $1,500 OW was something I made in the garage with spare parts... but I think you're right. The fact that they've never seen one before means I must've made it, otherwise they'd be seeing them all over the place.

  • Last fall when I first started riding, most of the kids I would see would say "whoa, what is that thing". I would respond something like. "It's a Onewheel, probably the coolest thing ever". Now when I see kids they say something like "cool, a Onewheel, I want one".

    I have only let a handful of people ride it, mainly due to people not asking. One guy who asked me outside of a downtown bar, while I waited for a light to change. Knowing he probably had a couple drinks in him, I was very skeptical to let him try, but he had done his research on the OW and stated he was on the fence about buying one. I let him ride it, and despite asking him to go slow, he jumped on and took off (into the street) at near full speed, went half a block turned, and came back at full speed. I thought he was going to kill himself for sure. Probably had just the right of alcohol in his belly to be fearless, but not too much that his balance was affected. Superman buzz.

    Scared the bejeesus out of me, but he did say he had made up his mind, and had to have one. I love promoting the OW where I can.

    My favorite experience letting someone else ride has been with my 11yo nephew. He picked it up so fast it was amazing. after an hour playing on it I (app) clocked him at 15.7 mph (on a bumpy lawn no less). He couldn't get enough of the thing, prior to which he wouldn't get off the couch and stop playing video games.

  • I was riding along a sidewalk in downtown Pasadena on my lunch yesterday when I passed a cool little alley that said "for deliveries only," and it looked like it would be super fun to ride through. It was nice and smooth, and downhill the entire way. So I whipped around and headed back for it. As I did, I heard some guy say, "Hey! Is that thing motorized?" And I said, "Yep!" Then I heard him yell "THAT'S REALLY NICE!" as I headed down the alley.

    About halfway down, I saw a couple of guys in suits at the bottom, just standing on the sidewalk watching me as I carved my way down. I was a little afraid they were security for a hotel or something and were going to ask me to not ride through there anymore, but as I got closer I noticed they were smiling at me. As I rode by, one of them said, "THAT'S REALLY NICE!" (Again??)

    Then this morning on the way to work, I was waiting at an intersection and had dismounted while I waited for the light to change. Someone in a group of pedestrians who were also waiting to cross asked me what it was called. I said Onewheel. He asked if it was motorized, I said yes. Then the light changed, so I leveled out while he watched, and as I blazed past the pedestrians, I heard the guy yell out, "THAT'S REALLY NICE!"

    I mean, I'm pretty used to the standard 8-10 questions or comments that we all get, but to get that same exact phrase (that I can't really recall getting before) THREE TIMES within 24 hours, and the first two were literally within a minute of each other seems really strange!

  • @thegreck that's not strange. that's really nice!

  • @chabis said:

    @thegreck that's not strange. that's really nice!

    You're right! THAT'S REALLY NICE of you to point that out!

  • I haven't met anyone in my town in NJ who has seen a Onewheel before. And may I just add that dogs do NOT like the Onewheel. They all go crazy when they see me on it. Drives the dog's owners a little nuts.

  • @medhead Yeah I hate that. There's a golden lab in my neighborhood who is luckily fenced in, but scares the crap out of me when I ride by, because he comes running out from behind the house and charges the fence, barking like a lunatic the entire time.

    One time I was on my way home and heard him barking and running towards me across the yard, and was horrified when I saw that the gate was wide open because his owner was backing the car out! My heart dropped for a second, until I saw that as soon as he got to the open gate he stopped and sat down. Thank god he was well trained!!

    I carry dog pepper spray now.

  • That's odd because where I ride the dogs don't mind at all.. and I often take my friends pointer for walks with me riding my Onewheel..

  • @DavidJohn You must live in the land of nice dogs! I've heard of that place, but always thought it was a myth.

  • Maybe @DavidJohn lives in California. The New Jersey dogs do not like the Onewheel!

  • @medhead I live in LA and they hate the Onewheel here! [Edit: Dogs, I mean.]

  • Yep, not a friend of the animal world, cats too, but they're convinced its some kind of cat eating monster...

  • When people ask "how do you make that thing go?" My wife says "with my mind" but I like to say "there's a hamster running in the wheel"

  • (walked into a store with the OW)
    Guy whispers to a friend: oooo I saw that on Youtube...

    Guy: Hey man, do you think I could try that thing out?
    Me: Nah..sorry, I can't do that
    Guy: Do you smoke? I'll give you some weed
    Me: Nope

    Drunk woman: HAHAHAHA Look at that, the poor tire is all bald!
    Me: rides away

    Guy says to his children: Look kids! look at the cool toy!

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