Unusual questions asked by random strangers

  • As I was riding toward some guy the other day, he saw the Onewheel and asked me if I liked it. I said I loved it.

    Then he said: "What's your least favorite thing about it?" I said "The price" as I passed by him.

    He yelled out, "Okay what else?" I yelled out "The weight!" as I rode out of sight.

    If I wasn't trying to catch a train, I could've told him about the battery life, then the top speed. But my likes more than make up for all that, anyway.

  • @thegreck Agreed. Technically, the OW is now considered a "last generation" eboard as pretty much every eskateboard coming out now has at least 10mi range, higher top speed and less weight than the OW. There still is no other board on the market as fun or as durable as this thing though!! Plus, this thing turns heads! I've met so many great people just riding around and getting asked questions. OW = more fun and better life.

  • I guess these are comments and not questions, but I'm always surprised when I hear someone say something about the Onewheel to me that I haven't already heard a million times.

    A woman walking on a sidewalk when I passed by on the street first said, "Well that's cool." Then yelled out, "I like your mode of transportation!"

    Then when I was riding around on a dirt pump track in San Diego, I did a 180 revert and nearly wiped out, but managed to pull it off and look like I meant to do that. A kid riding by on a BMX said, "Dem skillz!"

  • @icekream AHAHAHAHAHAA i about busted out laughing ahahahaha you sir are MY kind of troll 🤣😂🤣🤣

  • Some kid threw a pinecone at me yelled grenade and jumped behind a tree, I grabed it and threw it at him rode away and he made it his mission to find me again and he caught up to me and said AHHHHHHHHHH ITS A ONEWHEELERRR..

  • I love it when I hear from an adult "What is that?"
    And their kids says "It's a OneWheel!"

    I smile and give the kid a thumbs up and continue riding.

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