+ Pushback at 16.

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    The pushback at 16mph is to sure that there is adequate power remaining to get the rider balanced, account for elevation changes, prevent thermal shutdown, etc. Mostly because of the rider varables (weight and riding style), the system kicks back to ensure it can continue without nose diving. And this is where the reports of nose diving occurs at 20mph because the board is unable to keep up with the stability requirements needed for the rider.

    Once that threshold is passed, the board overloads or is unable to sustain power needed for balance and failure occurs.

    Respect the pushback, it's there for a reason.

    I so respect it and thats why I back off but it sucks because that's just simply not enough speed once you get around 180-200 miles of experience on the board I am constantly riding at 15-16 wanting more. They advertised 19mph and I am afraid to go past 16 cause of the pushback.

  • Same here and I feel your pain. I hesitate going pass 16mph myself for the same reasons.

  • That's odd that you guys are getting it at 16mph on the plus.. I don't feel it till closer to 18mph in mission and even then it's not as aggressive as the V1.. able to cruise at 18mph no problem.. Let's hope delirium solves this and gives that lil extra speed boost.

  • @GlueBreath That's how mine was when I first got it, I was cruising at 18 all day, not sure what happened but one day I started getting hard pushback at 16.

  • I almost never feel pushback, my ref cruising speed is about 18-19 sometimes I get it if I really work it... that's when I crash tho...
    About 350miles on the plus.

  • I have the exact same experience. I'm at 75 miles in. NO FALLS. Knock on wood! Day 1 I was practicing on smooth ground and got to 17.3mph. Didn't notice pushback. Now RIGHT at 16mph I feel it pretty strong, and I'm very scared to attempt to push on. Don't want a nosedive. I definitely feel like now that I'm more comfortable, 16 just isn't fast enough. Wish I could cruise at 18 or so (nitpicking for sure at this point). Question is: when that initial 15/16mph pushback happens, do you have a little more room to go before it nosedives? Is it like saying "you're within 5mph of nosediving"? I understand factors like terrain and incline/decline matter, but just assuming a flat, smooth surface. I'm 185lbs and my tire is at 22psi.

  • @PwnWheel The problem is a nosedive doesn't happen at a particular speed, it's when you tip the scales too much one way or the other (you can force a nosedive even when you're barely moving by suddenly shifting most of your weight onto the front).

    The Onewheel attempts to stay under you to keep you from doing that, but ultimately it's up to you not to put too much of your weight onto either footpad. Should be nearly evenly distributed always.

  • @No said in + Pushback at 16.:

    @GlueBreath That's how mine was when I first got it, I was cruising at 18 all day, not sure what happened but one day I started getting hard pushback at 16.

    This is exactly what happened to me when I first got it hitting 17-18 was no problem now the push back is very pronounced at 16 almost can't ride past it.

  • @s2kboy @No @GlueBreath
    I experienced the same exact thing. Rode like a dream at 18ish for about a week and now there is significant pushback at 15mph - to the point that it's very uncomfortable on my back leg.

    I shared that info with onewheel support and they didn't comment.

  • @1chris are you sure the board is in mission mode? What you describe is exactly how it feels if I ride in cruz

  • Yeah they really need to do something about this pushback so early when the advertised speed is 19.

  • I'm still not convinced that it's a wide spread issue.. I've had my plus for 3 months and have over 500+ miles and it still rides the same with push back only occuring around 17-18mph(mission) and it's not as aggressive as the V1 push back.. barely noticeable and very easy to push thru.

  • 15.5 mph my board is pushing back heavy i want it to be like 18 or so like the others that have it that way ..... what should i do send it back :(

  • This is weird, also have no issues with pushback on the plus until well into the late teens

  • @GlueBreath Are you accelerating straight or are you hittting these speeds while carving? I noticed sometimes I can pass 16 without feeling pushback if I carve but if I just go straight and accelerate the pushback at 16 is pretty pronounced.

  • Pushback is just the board slightly outrunning the rider, so basic acceleration can a lot of times feel like pushback. Especially since the plus has a more powerful motor and accelerating too quickly can easily make the board outrun you.

  • @s2kboy I think I know what your talking about as far as straight lines vs. carving.. I definitely carve whenever possible especially at faster speeds as I feel more stable when I do.. it's very well possible I'm pushing right thru push back while carving without realizing it.. I feel a gentle lift after 16mph going in straight line but it's definitely not agressive or uncomfortable as some have stated.. I don't try and push the speed every ride anyways as for me 14-16mph is the optimal cruising speed while still being able to maintain control and react fast if needed so I guess I don't notice as much.. but hitting 18mph without struggling or nose diving should be possible in mission on the plus.. maintaining that speed and beyond is questionable tho.

  • Future motion just sent me this after I asked about it......

    I have confirmed with our engineers that pushback with always begin to kick in around 15 MPH and increase in aggressiveness as you approach top speed. All board's run the same firmware and an update will not change when pushback begins to occur. If you feel that your board rides with its nose unusually high a video (if safe to do so) showing the ride angle would be very helpful for us to confirm if anything appears to be out of the norm.

    All the best,

  • Okay after I mustered some courage to push the board past 16 I gotta say I now routinely hit 19-20 on the board without little effort... Maintaining that speed however is another story... I've felt the board have a "hiccup" or like run out of me slightly before I catch it right at 21. No falls yet!

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