+ Pushback at 16.

  • Future motion just sent me this after I asked about it......

    I have confirmed with our engineers that pushback with always begin to kick in around 15 MPH and increase in aggressiveness as you approach top speed. All board's run the same firmware and an update will not change when pushback begins to occur. If you feel that your board rides with its nose unusually high a video (if safe to do so) showing the ride angle would be very helpful for us to confirm if anything appears to be out of the norm.

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  • Okay after I mustered some courage to push the board past 16 I gotta say I now routinely hit 19-20 on the board without little effort... Maintaining that speed however is another story... I've felt the board have a "hiccup" or like run out of me slightly before I catch it right at 21. No falls yet!

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