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  • Howdy all,
    Been lurking this forum for a few years, finally decided to get a board when the plus was released. Received it in April, but since I live in Oregon did not get a whole lot of riding time due to slamming rain.
    Until they release the app for Android I was riding what ever the hell mode its shipped in. That was super rough, very twitchy and hard to get in a groove for carving. I started to get the mind set of it by imagining I was standing on a basketball. Was able to get the hang of riding on pavement, but dirt trails in the park by my house were still tough. Had one major wreck pushing through the push back on flat ground.
    Once I had the Android app and switched to Mission it was a world of difference! I have snowboard and long-board experience and now in mission mode I can carve beautifully.
    I find that, despite what people are saying about standing closer to the wheel base, I am most comfortable with my feet as wide as possible on the deck. I am assuming that this wide stance and aggressive riding style account for the short life of my battery, lucky to make 5 miles.
    One issue I am having is the board dying if I rock back and forth to much while balancing at a crosswalk. If I try to balance it perfectly while stopped, the board will sometimes just power off, and I will l have to turn it off and on again a few times before it registers that I am standing on it.
    All in all this thing is a blast and I will probably not be getting a season snowboard pass this year.

  • It shouldn't shut off while rocking back and forth.
    Might wanna contact support.

  • @roBotFly This is most likely happening because you aren't keeping solid contact with the sensors while rocking. Probably lifting the weight off your toe or something.

    This is much more likely to happen when stopped or barely moving, because when you're moving slower than 0.5 mph, both sensors have to be depressed. Over that, you can actually ride with just one sensor depressed (toe or heel) without the motor disengaging. Ya know, for safety.

  • I had this issue on my v1 and it was because I dident turn it on and over while it was on the ground I would pick it up and walking out of my garage I turned it on than set it down when I would stop it would shut off. I would turn it on on the ground and It worked fine. Not sure if this is your issue but I did have to send it back one time and they could've fixed something else that was contributing to it... might wanna email them.

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