OW just delivered...first ride review

  • Ordered September 19, delivered December 7th (San Diego, CA. ) They quoted 8 weeks when I ordered if I recall...it took over 10.

    After unboxing the OW and admiring the sturdy craftsmanship I plugged it in. It was delivered near fully charged apparently as I got the green light a minute later. Time to ride!

    For my first ride I put my motorcycle jacket and gloves on just incase. Turns out, it wasn't needed. The OW is very natural to balance and ride I discovered - I have yet to fall once after 2 days of riding. I started out small; going back and forth in the garage, getting a feel for balance and turning dynamics. The dismount was wonky at first. I tried the "jump off" method with both feet first- it worked but seemed awkward. I then tried the "arching my foot" method which lead to some close calls with back and forth wobbles. After a few tries I found that pivoting on the ball of my foot instead of arching (toes off the pressure pad) worked great and was simple and wobble free. That's how I dismount now.

    After a few laps around the neighborhood I was flat out on the boardwalk by my house in Pacific Beach. I immediately became irritated with the pushback on Basic mode and the "nose-up" attitude it takes. I'll step up to "Extreme" on my next ride. I enjoyed how the large tire effortlessly soaked up bumps, rocks, and pavement splits - much smoother than the electric skateboard I used to ride. Bottom line: I'm hooked!

    Overall...9/10 for first impressions. Why not a 10? The lag in shipping time knocks it down *some * but I can almost excuse that from a start up with this kind of product demand. What I can't excuse is the LACK OF AN ANDROID APP. That is inexcusable from a product in this price range. Especially since it says they support Android on their website! Android has 80%+ smartphone marketshare now so excluding the majority seems silly. I can only assume there are some massive technological hurdles there for compatibility? Anyways, for now I'll have to settle with manually adjusting modes via the button (which OW says not to do!). I can already tell I will want to disable the LEDs during the day as to avoid unnecessary attention, but again, that is not an option for now.

    Overall...WELL DONE ONEWHEEL! (but please get that Android app up pronto)

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