• Cheating detected notification while just cruising today? and sometimes I get wheel slip detected just cruising also what does this mean do I have an issue to be concerned with or keep disregarding erroneous notifications?

  • @onewheelwraith I've also had the "Cheating Detected" message both times just cruising, Any info on what parameters trigger this would be interesting to know.

  • I got this today, too. I don't even know what "cheating" would mean for me (I wasn't competing...?), but in any case I wasn't doing anything unusual, just riding. What's the deal?

  • The Onewheel app was originally created by a member of this community because the original app was terrible, and it was called OWBuddy. The creator added the "Cheating" alert in an attempt to figure out if people were cheating in order to hit high speed records.

    Future Motion purchased the app and re-branded it, and I assume at a certain point they'll request for things like that to be changed or removed, as it does tend to cause confusion among newer riders who haven't followed every post on this forum for the past two years.

  • Has anyone notice that the GPS really does not work very well while documenting way points on a "ride". I find that if I don't stop and press the gps icon so it re acquires, most of my ride path is lost. All the while, google or apple maps seems to have no problem tracking where I am.

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