Chafon style charger at reduced price for OW riders

  • Another rider remarked to me that someone should buy a bunch of those yellow battery banks and sell them to Onewheel riders for a lower markup than all of those Amazon sellers. I thought why not? They are available now at Carvepower . It's the 288wh pure sine wave model, which is good for about 2 charges, for $245. They are usually around $300 on Amazon. This one is slightly different from the Chafon- rather than two international AC outlets, there are three Edison (US) plugs. You can only charge one OW at a time, but if you are making a charge stop on a group ride, it can serve as an impromptu power strip to share outlets.

    It's not as light as a DC-DC portable battery and requires bringing your OW charger, but it is the most simple solution and best value for the amount of charge you get for the price.
    Carvepower Battery

    There might also be an accessory there that involves extra wheels to transport your OW when you aren't riding it.

  • This sounds awesome. I paid over $300 for mine on amazon a few weeks ago and love it. Kind of wish I had waited and scored this pricing, but have already gotten good use out of it. Fits in my camelbak h.a.w.g low rider backpack

  • I have the same one also like it but was getting 2 full charges on it the first few times not any more only get 1 and half charge when it fully charge .

  • Interesting. How much does it weigh?

  • It weighs about 7lbs.

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