My Formal Introduction

  • So here's my story.....

    16 months ago I saw OW for the first time. As an avid snowboarder and wake surfer I was immediately intrigued. Soon the intrigue turned into obsession and I convinced myself that I will not have experienced life to it's fullest until I own a OW. At this point, I realized it was time to have a very series, potentially life changing conversation with my beautiful wife about what a superior life I could live riding a OW. It didn't go well...but I couldn't give up, I NEEDED OW in my life. Now listen, by no means am I rolling in dough, but I'm fortunate that money wasn't the issue was more the principal and since I respect the hell out of my wife, I needed to find another way. And another way I did...I told her I was going to sell some "toys" I wasn't using anymore along with some household items and that money was going towards my OW. She bought in. So fast forward over a year later and I sold two bikes, two softball bats, an iPhone, an old longboard, used snowboarding boots, etc and I reached my goal.

    So Thanksgiving night I place my OW order and can hardly sleep the next few days. I check in with FM on the following Monday and my expected timeline turns out to be mid Feb. F me.....I'm down and out, bummed, questioning my ability to survive the next two months. Then last Wednesday I'm lurking in this forum like I do most days and I come across @ShaunMPLS miracle post that he has a new OW for sale. I happily pay a small premium and he ships it my way the following morning. Oh and the premium, my Wife doesn't know.

    As I sit here now, the UPS package is "out for delivery." I may not have waited for FM to ship me my OW like many of you did, but I've waited in a different way. I can't wait to ride this thing and I'm happy to be part of this community.

    I'll continue to stare at my Nestcam until that big brown truck arrives...then I'm going home.

    Shout out to @njcustom for hooking me up with a fender already. And to the rest of you who have showed me the ropes before ever stepping on the board.

    Los Gatos, CA

  • @GSH3GSH man i am sincerely so excited for you. It totally lives up to all the hype. Keep us posted on your initial impressions. Oh, and the way i got my wife to buy in.. is promising her that i would buy her one if she liked it. So our 2nd OW is on the way. :)

  • @GSH3GSH Welcome to your new life! Congrats on convincing wifey. Now the challenge will be trying to convince her to let you slip off and ride your OW as much as you're going to want to ride it. Trust me, I know.

  • @GSH3GSH Congrats! I'm in Santa Cruz...hit me up if you want to ride either over there or over here!

  • nice, I'm from San Jose, lets ride some trails bro!!

  • Welcome!

  • Congratulations and let me know when you want to go ride. I'm in San Jose.

  • Quick update: I'm still staring at my nestcam. Apparently UPS is on holiday overload and never got to my house yesterday or last night. So here I wait...

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