Questions from a new rider...

  • New rider, just about 6 hours in with some questions maybe you guys can offer some insight?

    1. When I start pushing up to ~14mph, I get a 'falling' sensation. Anybody else familiar with that? Makes me feel really unstable.
    2. Speaking of unstable...feels like I have 'loose trucks' for lack of a better term. Small bumps and the like give me some wobbles really quick, especially at speed.
    3. I ride with my left foot forward and it feels like my right foot, especially the arch, gets a lot of strain and tires out. Ways to alleviate that? is it something in my stance?

    It's a blast thus far and I was hoping to use it for some commuting to work, wondering if I shouldn't have gotten a boosted board instead though....Still, love this thing.

  • 14 mph and 6 hours in?
    That's like hitting black diamond on your first day of skiing ever. lol..
    Takes at least 2 weeks of easy riding to get to know the board.
    Helmet and wrist guards are highly recommended.

    1. What mode are you riding in? You're falling sensation might be because of early pushback if you're not riding on Extreme mode.

    2. I'd say that will come with time. I had the same feelings in the begining, but as you progress it will get stabler. If it doesn't, you might want to check tire pressure. Higher pressures (20+ psi) tend to give a bumpier ride.

    3. I can imagine 2 things to cause that and both will subside once you more experience. You might be exercising some muscles you were not used to and they will get stronger as you progress. Or, you might still be tensing up when riding, which will also get better as you get more confidence on your board.

    Best of luck!

  • @firephreek I'm new too and I was LOL'ing at your three points bc they all happened to me today,
    1 - you are prob in Cruising Mode, same as me and when I got to 13mph, I got that pushback too. It sucks. I almost feel. As we get better, we can move to a freer mode and go 15 with out it

    2 - the wobbling the faster you go, for me, is just getting used to the OW. Like a skateboard, the faster you go, the more turn radius you have. That went away for me by the end of this AMs ride.

    3 - I had to stop several times to stretch my right calf. Hoping that goes away too.

    the other thing that I learned today was when you hit an unexpected DIP, like on a dirt path, it kinda threw me bc I want expecting it, causing me to LEAN FORWARD and go FASTER, which freaked me out and I almost wiped out. So basically stay alert!

  • Appreciate the feedback everyone, helps to know that these aren't just 'me' issues. Took it out today for a bit, trying to really pay attention to how I'm positioned, balanced, moving, etc...It's definitely getting better. Helmet, wrist, and knee pads are a go. Took a spill my first day without the pads, was lucky to have some grass near by. Good times!

  • Getting wobbles every now and then when hitting some unexpected bump is bound to happen when you're hitting double digits on a single-wheeled see-saw.

  • @thegreck said in Questions from a new rider...:

    Getting wobbles every now and then when hitting some unexpected bump is bound to happen when you're hitting double digits on a single-wheeled see-saw.

    Good to hear because I always feel like it's just me. Haha. I see @slydogstroh crusiing at 23 mph and looking smooth as butter, leaves me wondering what am I doing wrong. Hoping those wobbles become less and less or I learn how to better flatten them out.

  • @skyman88 Don't hold yourself to @slydogstroh's standard, he's one of the best riders out there. Just strive to be that good and be happy with where you're at along the way, because it's the funnest thing to ride no matter your skill level.

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