OW+ Will Not Charge

  • So far my OW+ has been flawless so I am a little worried about having to deal with any potential customer service issues. If money was not an issue or if they released a OW++, I may buy a second unit just because I would want a backup unit or have a unit I can lend to a friend to ride along with me. I look forward to night rides and explore my neighbourhood every day after work. I don't want to lose the ability to ride it.

  • @gadgetrider I'm with you- the best insurance is a 2nd board.

  • My v1 does the same too, got a dodgy BMS!
    Will have to send it in soon. :(

    The battery percentage is way off on mine, sometimes it wants to charge and other times it won't!

    I just leave it alone on charge for a good number of hours and then press and hold the power button until I get a red light on the charger.

    It's a temporary fix but it works for me.. most of the time. :)

  • I am certainly not trying to minimize the inconvenience you guys are experiencing, but I think it is worth pointing out that most people who are not having trouble have not bothering posting as such on this forum.

    In fact, most everyone who owns a OW or + has never seen this forum.

    Of course, that doesn't change the fact that your unit isn't working. But, a potential user should consider the possibility that most units work just fine.

    FYI, my Onewheel+ is working fine. Only 34 miles so far, but loving it.

  • @jb23 any luck? Just read this and currently have the exact same problem. I couldn't explain it better than you did.

  • I am having the same issue, my board will not turn on and when plugged in the green light does not turn to red. When plugged in to power the OW+ light blinks once. Luckily I have two boards but still quite bummed about this. I have seen this issue before and was able to “fix it” by pressing the power button when the board was plugged in and having the green light turn to red but not this time. I have had the board plugged in all night to “balance the cells” but no luck, all cells are listed as 0.00. I have a mail in to customer service.

  • @joel

    Just out of curiosity - what are the temp readings on battery and controller?

  • @OW-Miami
    Battery 32.0 F
    Controller 69.8 F

    Also when the app launches it tells me that the board is overcharged then tells me I only have 10% battery but 100% is displayed... Just now the app told me my firmware is corrupted and I need to update... updating now to version 4020... done, relaunched app and it tells me 00% power. I still can’t power up the board and power button does nothing. Now controller temp reads 73.4 F. No reply from FM yet. Bummed.

  • No luck calling support, just hangs up on you

  • Also when I plug the board in it acts like it’s on. The wheel does not move freely and it will level if I press on the sensor with my hand. It’s like the board is using the power adapter for its power source and not seeing the batteries. There is a whirring sound coming from the wheel also.

  • @joel Exactly same symptoms I have. Sent my board in.

    I got it to charge by rolling the board as if activating regen. Somehow after that youll feel the board goes free wheel and now begins to charge.

  • This may not help you who have the problem but it happened twice to me and was able to resolve myself so I wanted to share. It felt like it got stuck in a weird mode where plugging in turns it “on” in the way the power button does, no charge/green light. I had to push the power button at least once while the board was plugged in, then disconnect the charger plug, power cycle the board again, making sure to give it some time after powering off... then reconnect the charger.

  • @fruitygreen
    Thank you for the suggestion, I rolled it around a bit, as much as I could with the power cord attached but I only have a few feet to roll it. Did not get the board to “go free” still acts like it on. It’s like the power button does not work.

  • @readysetawesome
    Thank you, I have also experienced what you describe but that “fix” is not working for me this time :(

  • I wonder if there is power button sequence (like holding it down for a few seconds) that causes the firmware to do a cold reboot?

    The other option could be to disconnect the power from the charger AND also disconnect the battery pack. Let it sit for a few minutes then re-connect the battery pack and try charging again.

    Let us know if that helps at all.

  • @gadgetrider
    I have tried holding the power down for a few seconds also holding it down while plugging in the power adapter and no luck. If anyone knows of a firmware “cold reboot” sequence that would be cool but not sure that would be the solution because some how that already happened to me and it did not fix the problem. I don’t know how to unplug the battery pack but would be willing to try that, it must be the nut that goes in to the rear footpad but not sure how I would get to it to disconnect the battery?
    Thank you so much you guys for your help so far!

  • I got a nice email from FM today telling me to ship it back to them for service. I will update when I know more.

  • @joel

    Something is deeply wrong if the battery is at 32 degrees. Clearly something is dead. Send it back to FM.

  • Looks like im having the same problems.

    See my video

  • My V1 now has just started working.

    Plug in. long press the on button till charger light changes. disconnect. turn back on.

    See how long it lasts

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