OW+ Will Not Charge

  • @readysetawesome
    Thank you, I have also experienced what you describe but that “fix” is not working for me this time :(

  • I wonder if there is power button sequence (like holding it down for a few seconds) that causes the firmware to do a cold reboot?

    The other option could be to disconnect the power from the charger AND also disconnect the battery pack. Let it sit for a few minutes then re-connect the battery pack and try charging again.

    Let us know if that helps at all.

  • @gadgetrider
    I have tried holding the power down for a few seconds also holding it down while plugging in the power adapter and no luck. If anyone knows of a firmware “cold reboot” sequence that would be cool but not sure that would be the solution because some how that already happened to me and it did not fix the problem. I don’t know how to unplug the battery pack but would be willing to try that, it must be the nut that goes in to the rear footpad but not sure how I would get to it to disconnect the battery?
    Thank you so much you guys for your help so far!

  • I got a nice email from FM today telling me to ship it back to them for service. I will update when I know more.

  • @joel

    Something is deeply wrong if the battery is at 32 degrees. Clearly something is dead. Send it back to FM.

  • Looks like im having the same problems.

    See my video

  • My V1 now has just started working.

    Plug in. long press the on button till charger light changes. disconnect. turn back on.

    See how long it lasts

  • having the same issue, almost on mile 500 of my OW+. unfortunately i’m stuck at this diner by my dry cleaning place - limited space to try some of these methods. will update if anything works

  • @henrythedj my battery is also showing 32 degrees fahrenheit- controller and motor close to 70 degrees F. rolling didn’t work

  • Now its my time to have such problem.. My V1 is two years old and 400 miles on it, and never had any issues, only scratches.. But three weeks ago I rode to completely empty the batteries and forgot to recharge right after getting home.. That moment I think, I killed my board. Leaving the batteries empty for too long is deffenetly not good as the electrical circuits drains electric current even when not on.
    When I try to recharge, the green lights goes on and the pulsing blue light indicates the battery is full, but the app say 0%.
    Well, sending the board back to FM is not an option for me.
    Tryed everything as you guys suggested but with no luck.
    Next step is disassembling and trying to recharge each bat cell separately..
    With luck the BMS will work afterwards

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