Elevated mode for OW+?

  • Anyone know of plans for an elevated mode on the plus? It's not often that I'd want it, but noticed a severe inability for the plus to climb hills off-road... Any feedback or shared experiences welcome. Thanks

  • @bizrock best approach is to get a lot of speed and attempt to keep the nose from eating dirt all the way up.

    Changing the elevation would also change the x axis for neutral, stopping and reverse. This may not seem like a problem until you are going down hill and have no brakes!

  • I think the V1 has slightly more torque and can withstand Elevated.
    The + has more speed.
    I ate it today on the + when I over pressed it a little.
    Almost certain wouldn't have done it if it was the V1.

  • What mode are you guys riding?

  • @SkyPilot makes sense, but there's always tail-sliding (which I've done on the ow+ anyway)... if it's that steep, brakes ain't gonna help!

    @sonny123 good point about the torque...

    @BabaBooey Extreme on v1, whatever senseless naming convention is fastest on the + (right next to the locked mode)

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