app cant fine my OW+

  • Hi everyone, like the titel say, when i start the app i cant find my OW+. i could see the one that i always have but it dident wana connect to it. So after restarting the app and the phone many times and trying to get to it when its chargeing and not i searched for help on the internet, i have try the forget thing, and now i cant find a board when i am in the app.

    I have also cheacked the bluethoot settings and i cant still connect to the car when i drive to work, so i thought maby the app is broken or something so i took out my ipad witch also have the same things on it because my phone shares the info to my ipad and look and behold it works and it still have the miles that i have put in to it. i have also try downloading the app on my mothers phone and see if i can connect and ones agien it does.

    if anyone wonder if i did something ells how when this happen here the story from beging to end. late night my phone goes 100% on your onehweel lets ride, i go and unplug it and go to sleep, wake up and take a sandwitch and take my onewheel and start driveing, 2min in on my rideing i take out my phone to cheack what mood iam in (notic it being a bit hard to turn) and i notic it wasent connected, and there you have it that was all i did from when it worked to not working, dident do anything with my phone or anything beforehand, anyone know whats up with this?

  • Trey uninstalling the app and download it again.

  • i did that 2, sorry forgot to typ that in there as well.

  • Try it again.
    Uninstall, restart your phone and download again.

  • have done that as well but i did try it agien now and that dident work as well, ty for trying tho =)

  • Reset your phone.
    If that don't work, time to turn it into wrist guard. ;)

  • well the phone is working fine on everything ells. and even other bluethoot things is working fine, its just the onewheel app that isent working. and it makeing me freaking cray not knowing what it is

  • @bloodywolfz

    Odd. My V1 was terrible at connecting.
    After it was sent in for service, came back with crazy fast connection.
    It's even better than my + now.

  • ok after now a long time. i have used my ipad because i could still find the OW+ on it but now that isent working anymore, and my mothers phone cant find it. so i downloaded the app on my fathers phone and quess what. HE cant find it, have this happen to anyone ells or is this only a god f you time of deal i got?

  • @bloodywolfz I'm an android user and on the old OW app (before the + came out), I could only connect to my OW maybe 30-50% of the time. Sometimes I was connected and then it would drop and I couldn't reconnect. Really frustrating. But since the upgraded OW app has been out (just after they released the +) I have a much easier time connecting to the original OW, and have no issues connecting to the +.

  • @groovyruvy

    welp thats good to hear that someone had some problem like me =) in a bad way ofc, the thing is, i cant connect at all, find find it no mater what i do, and i kind of need it now, love to see how far i am or how mutch % i have left before i need to recharge. tho this is just pissing me of that i dont know what the problem is.

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