Easy riding in Switzerland

  • I live in the Swiss capital and was delighted to get my hands on a production board after trying out a prototype in California a while back, and just had to wait for the weather to clear somewhat to take some first paces. Never surfed or snowboarded and am a skateboard newbie, yet already after 2 charges it feels like this thing could take me almost anywhere :)

    Today everyone else was at the Tour de Suisse passing through town, TV helicopters overhead and all, we had a neighbourhood party and I let a few of the adults and older kids take a spin (helmets, holding hands - especially the adults ;) - and clear instructions). Everyone was absolutely delighted, nobody got hurt (this is definitely not a toy!), and I can't wait to see what it's like riding it through town, i.e. up/down a real hill.

    Thanks to the OneWheel team for making an incredible product, packing it with love and shipping all the way to the foot of the Swiss alps!! Looking forward to hang out on these forums & exchange tips & memories with all you riders.

    Screenshot from 2015-06-22 00-49-29.png

  • So glad to hear it! Keep cruising out there!!

  • I'm glad there are other swiss onewheel users around ! i salute you !!

    Gruess and have fun riding !!

  • @mast0ren cool! let me know if you're cruising through Bern

  • Hello fellow Swiss Onewheel riders. I just received my own Onewheel a week ago and I'm riding the streets in Lausanne.

    See you on the streets !

  • Awesome!!! When I go buy my next watch, I'll look for you guys. :)

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