Purchasing new Footpads for the +

  • More likely it's because they need all the + footpads they can produce for the actual + boards that are on pre-order, otherwise they'd be shipping pluses without footpads. So as @MichaelW said, once they catch up with orders and can get some extra stock made, I'm sure they'll be available to buy in their store.

  • @MichaelW have you made an attempt to swap footpads between the two models you possess, and noted a difference?

    I will be doing this in the next week I think. I am putting V1 pads on a plus for my wife and I'll take the Plus pads and put them on a V1. Should be fun to see how it feels...

  • I can't wait til the V2 footpads are available, I want to do some serious modding to mine, but I need a spare set just in case I damage the sensor

  • @MichaelW
    You guys support the same theory. If you guys are correct in the idea, this would make "Future Motion" a company with no vision of the future.
    With hind sight let's look @how they push the Plus as their new flagship board. And now here we are today, with riders only wanting a new footpad upgrade?

    How do we understand the next move that FM will make?

    Suppressing the sales of the "+ footpads" does not eacalate the sales of the OW+.
    I believe their might be issues with the new footpads. Production runs and/or technical issues.

    FM should of figured a lot out before releasing the Plus.

    Apple had vision and success with their products. FM could of made the new "+ footpads"
    incompatible with the original board in some way or make it proprietary.

    Let's not speculate or give false hopes, because when the president say let's do it then we can say it will happen.

    My prediction is that it will happen when it happens.

  • @fruitygreen I think we can all agree, it will happen when it happens ;)

  • Long speculation followed by "let's not speculate" hmmm

  • @fruitygreen Forums are built for speculating. And my theory wasn't that Future Motion was intentionally withholding footpads to drive sales as @MichaelW said, it was that they don't HAVE any extras right now because they need them for the 100s of boards they're making to try and get caught up with preorders. It's not a huge leap.

    I say they'll appear in the store right around the same time people stop griping that it's taking a long time to receive their Onewheel.

  • @thegreck Are you saying I'm more of a speculator than you? Pretty rude greck.

  • @MichaelW said in Purchasing new Footpads for the +:

    @thegreck Are you saying I'm more of a speculator than you? Pretty rude greck.

    You, sir, are what's known as a spectaculator :P

  • Hi all, I sent FM a question asking if the plus footpads would be compatible to fit my V1 & just got an Email but from Jack Mudd saying c/p The One+ footpads are compatible with the V1 board, but they aren't available yet to purchase. Keep an eye out on our website for when they are, and just note that you'll also have to snag a pair of the One+ bumpers for your V1 in order for them to fit!. So I thought I should share the good news.

  • @oneonone I just called the 1-800 future motion customer service # today and asked about the availability of the + pads (I was actually calling em' for a separate reason) but... the answer I got was appx. 2 - 3 months out. So... everybody be patient and (my sudgestion is) just take sometime to gaze up @ the clouds and be happy with what you got under your feet.

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