Great review by Electric Wave


    A new YouTube channel dedicated to electric skateboards did a 100 mile review of the Onewheel+ that I think is great. It also confirms all my research and predictions about the Evolve vs The Onewheel. Never tried an evolve but I stretched my brain and heart trying to decide which one to get. Being a wakeboarder and aiming for off-road trails I went onewheel. I've been happier and happier with my choice as time has passed. I'd still like to get an Evolve one day though.

    P. S. Finally got my onewheel plus 3 days ago after waiting over 3 months. Worth it. A friend let me borrow his old onewheel to prevent my agony.

  • good promotion! ;)

  • Best review I've seen to date.

  • His channel is great. I have been following him for a while and was considering getting an evolve before I pulled the trigger on the v1 so that's how I found him. I am surprised he doesn't have more subscribers because his videos are really good quality and the way he edits and does his reviews are awesome and very informative.

  • @Byromie Thanks for posting my video! My channel's been around for about a year now so I'm not sure how "new" it is lol, but I just got my Onewheel+ in May and I've been having a blast with it ever since. I'm fortunate to have both the OW+ and an Evolve Carbon GT, and both are super fun/different riding experiences. But in terms of fun/challenge factor, I give the slight edge to the OW+ :)

    @timvdp Now only if I actually got paid to make my

    @jeffmccosker Thanks man! I appreciate it.

    @ahxe45 Damn dude, thanks for the kind words! It really means a lot. I made my YouTube channel for fun and it's crazy how many people I've had the chance to connect with all over the world. Definitely glad I jumped in head first with it. Enjoy the ride!

  • Great video. Thanks for posting it.

  • @ElectricWaveTV One of the things that really stuck out for me is that you actually took the time to get to know your board before making a review video. Not only does it make for more interesting visual content (seeing you vastly improve throughout the video was pretty cool), but it makes the actual review more accurate.

    Most other video "reviews" I've seen are recorded by someone who rode it for the first time a few minutes prior to making the video, and they usually include a lot of bungled, inaccurate information they got from the Onewheel rep they just talked to who let them try out the board (it has batteries and electronics in the wheel! It's waterproof up to 6 meters!)

    Great job 👍

  • @ElectricWaveTV Great video which echos my thoughts exactly! I still struggle when people ask me which board I like better or which board should they get. I love them both (OneWheel+ and Carbon GT), but they are just two different animals. Now that my dog rides on the OneWheel just as well as he does the GTs, I'd say I pick the Onewheel if I could only have one. I love that there is just one thing to worry about charging and to grab on your way out the door. (This is especially relevant since I just lost my GT remote this week )

    One point that I don't think you addressed in your video is the topic of maintenance / upkeep. I have 500 miles on the OW+, and I have had to do 0 maintenance to OW+(besides wiping it down which is quick and easy). The OW+ just works nothing to really worry about as far as issues or maintenance. Versus the Evolve which requires a fair amount of maintenance / upkeep to keep it running. Whether it be cleaning and oiling the all the different bearings(Wheel bearings, gear bearings, and motor bearings), changing the belts, replacing the bushings, or most recently for me changing the pulley gear on the motor since it had worn down(I appreciate your help with this - even though I haven't tested yet since I lost my remote). Also cleaning the Evolve is significantly harder due to all the little places dirt can get. I think this is another major plus for the OneWheel.

    Thanks for all the great videos! Keep it up

  • There's a night and day difference in the quality of the ride between OW and electric skateboard, not to mention the ability to maneuver via body motion in any direction with your hands free.
    Then being able to switch between pavement, grass, dirt, curbs and some potholes.

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