customer service needs lots of tweaking and shaping it seems

  • I waited months for my OW plus and finally get it and after a week the charger stops working. So I spend another $125 to order a new one on MONDAY and have two-day shipping and call today 4 days later to find out it hasn't even shipped out yet. Great customer service lol . I would love to ride this $1500 decoration.

  • They made you pay for a new one? Is the charger not covered under warranty?

  • Lol that makes no sense.. they would of replaced it no questions asked as you get at least 6 months warranty on charger.. it seems like you just got impatient and purchased a replacement before talking about possible RMA.

  • Yeah man, they replaced my charger for free no questions asked. Sounds like you didn't give them a chance to make it right.

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